Sunday, November 30, 2014

Today's show featured musical guest Summer Grace Watson!

Today's show featured musical guest Summer Grace Watson! Summer joined me at 9:00am on December 1st to talk about how she started playing guitar at 16 and where her creative journey as a singer/songwriter has taken her. We also had a chance to listen to some of her latest music (what a voice!) written by Summer Grace Watson and Produced By (JP) John Parenti.

If you missed Summer on today's show,
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Before you hear her music. Before you listen to the soulful timber of her voice. Before her lyrics play on an endless loop in your head. The first thing you think of when you hear Summer Grace Watson is, "Is that her real name?" The answer is yes. That is her given name. And never has there been a name more perfectly suited for someone. Because Summer is summer with all its fun, first loves, wave riding, road trips, day dreaming and sad endings. Grace, as it should be, is found on the inside feeling and listening eyes closed, detangling a head full of lyrics and melodies. And standing there front and center is our dear Watson, playing her music and singing in between the notes of her life.

This is Summer Grace Watson. The singer/songwriter from San Clemente who taught herself how to play the guitar at 16 and started performing in local venues at 18. It's been a fun ride ever since as she's gone from a teenager strumming the guitar to a gifted song writer and artist. More than a natural at music, she's an avid trail-runner, a lifelong surfer, loves body surfing and free diving. Any activity, it appears, that requires total immersion. So, it's not surprising to hear that she writes most of her songs on her surfboard in the ocean. Her home away from home and where her heart is.

All Music & Lyrics by Summer Grace Watson
Produced By (JP) John Parenti
Arranged, Recorded and Mixed by JP at Parenti Music
Rhythm Section Recorded and Engineered by Chris Steffen at Sage & Sound Studio
Additional Vocal Editing: Aaron Walk
Mastered by Patrick Woodland at Woodland Music Productions

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