Wednesday, September 2, 2020

BOMBARDIER BLOOD, a new documentary about mountaineer Chris Bombardier, the first person with hemophilia to summit Mount Everest and complete the Seven Summits.

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Director Patrick James Lynch and Chris Bombardier

Diagnosed with severe hemophilia B at birth, Chris has never let this disorder hold him back. After a pivotal trip in 2011 to work with a hemophilia treatment center in Kenya and a subsequent summit of Kilimanjaro, Chris' mission to raise awareness for the disparity of care for people with bleeding disorders via his climbs began. In January 2018, Chris became the first person with hemophilia to successfully climb the world's Seven Summits, including Mt. Everest, having raised over $100,000 and helped over 75 kids with bleeding disorders to receive sponsorships through Save One Life, an international bleeding disorders non-profit.
Bombardier Blood chronicles the remarkable journey of hemophiliac mountaineer Chris Bombardier as he embarks on a historic mission to complete the Seven Summits, and inspire an international community to help those with hemophilia around the globe.

He’s completed five of the climbs already, and is preparing for his journey to Nepal to reach the summit of the world’s tallest peak: Everest. Under the supervision of his doctors and with the support of his wife and uncle, Chris is prepared for the mountain. What he’s not prepared for are the Nepalese children with destroyed joints and the stricken mothers who have lost their sons due to the lack of medications for hemophilia.

Bombardier Blood is an intimate and unflinching portrait of one man’s perseverance and determination. With a cinematic eye, director Patrick James Lynch captures a deeply personal story that illuminates the universality of triumphing over our challenges and finding purpose in our lives.

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