Thursday, September 10, 2020

Featured on KUCI 88.9fm - Dreena Burton, one of the pioneering vegan cookbook authors, shares details on her latest book (she has written five bestselling cookbooks!) and her journey as a plant-powered cook and at-home mom of three

Dreena Burton has been vegan for over 20 years, in that time writing five bestselling cookbooks charting her journey as a plant-powered cook and at-home mom of three.

Passionate about health, she creates recipes using whole foods and minimally processed ingredients. Dreena is one of the pioneering vegan cookbook authors, with a loyal following and reputation for reliable, wholesome recipes.

Dreena graduated with distinction, receiving a BBA degree from University of New Brunswick. After working in marketing management for several years, Dreena followed her true passion of writing recipes and cookbooks.

The Everyday Vegan was her first project, following her father-in-law’s heart attack. When the cardiologist strongly advised a low-fat plant-based diet to her husband’s parents to reverse heart disease, Dreena knew there was information needing to be shared – most importantly, how and what to eat as a vegan.

After having her first child, she wrote Vive le Vegan!, which represented her journey as a mom, and more wholesome, easy recipes. Then came eat, drink & be vegan, a celebratory recipe book which has become a must-have cookbook in the vegan community, known for its entire chapter on hummus and inventive flavor combinations. Let Them Eat Vegan came next, containing over 200 wheat- and gluten-free recipes, and reaching’s bestseller list (top 5 of all books). In 2013, Dreena wrote her first ebook, the Plant-Powered 15, a collection of 15 whole-foods, plant-based recipes. Plant-Powered Families is her fifth title, comprised of whole-foods recipes and Dreena’s insights and tips as a mother of three “weegans”.

Most recently, Dreena has published an ebook of oil-free dressings, and is the sole recipe contributor for Dr. Barnard’s The Cheese Trap.

Dreena has appeared on television and radio, and is a recipe contributor for well-known sites including Forks Over Knives,, and PCRM. Join Dreena Burton’s community on facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest.

“Dreena Burton’s recipes and ingredients simply make good common sense. Plant-Powered Families is a great addition to any cookbook collection.”
—T. Colin Campbell, coauthor of The China Study and the New York Times bestselling Whole

“Dreena Burton delivers with sage advice and recipes that will properly nourish, satisfy, and delight the taste buds of your entire family.”
—Brian Wendel, President and founder of Forks Over Knives

“Plant-Powered Families will revolutionize how you cook. Dreena’s recipes are brilliant, combining nutrient-dense foods in imaginative ways to produce the most delicious, family-friendly dishes.”
—Gene Baur, president and cofounder of Farm Sanctuary and author of Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds about Animals and Food

Dreena Burton is one of the pioneering vegan cookbook authors. Vegan for more than 25 years, Dreena is also a mom to three "weegans". She has charted her journey as a plant-based cook and mother of three through five bestselling cookbooks, including her most recent and beloved title Plant-Powered Families. Dreena has also collaborated with renowned plant-based physician Dr. Barnard on The Cheese Trap and co-authored their most recent Cookbook for Reversing Diabetes.

Specializing in oil-free whole foods vegan recipes, Dreena's secret ingredient is her passion. Reputed for reliability, her recipes bring whole foods together in unexpected ways to yield delicious flavours and rich textures. Dreena's recipes are regularly featured by groups including PCRM, Forks Over Knives, Engine 2 Diet, UC Davis Integrative Medicine, Kris Carr, Blue Zones, The Humane Society, and The Food Network. Connect with Dreena's online kitchen and community at

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