Monday, February 6, 2023

Coming up Monday 2/6 at 9am pst - Charlotte Gale, who bought an island for $339,000, first had to prove to the old owner she could spend a night there by herself. Join me as I learn more about how this life-changing purchase revealed insightful lessons for all of us.

Located on a private islet off the coast of Addison, Maine, and has panoramic views of the surrounding Wohoa Bay.

About Charlotte Gray:

Graduated with MS degree in Chemistry; Food Science and Nutrition from
Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Mother of three sport athlete son!

Food scientist/food product developer for major food corporations.

Cooking and nutrition instructor for children K-8 grade and at the Tech School

Kitchen designer, home color designer

Florist, gardener, flower and orchid grower

Licensed Massage Therapist - manual lymphatic drainage therapist

Discussion points:
  • Doing what people only dream of doing!
  • What are you some personal insights you had while staying on the island?
  • Love yourself, because you are never alone!
  • Having a greater sense of gratitude
  • Don't let fear and doubts control your life and limit you
  • There are possibilities in yourself and this experience was very grounding
  • There is beauty in struggle
  • Surprised by the headline feature about you on Yahoo?
  • Were you scared staying there at first?
  • How have people reached out to you? Do they want to lead retreats there? How do you get there? How long does it take to get there? How many people can stay there?
  • What would you like listeners to know about the experience of staying there?
  • How can they find more information?

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