Monday, February 27, 2012

Michael Luckman, author of OverPowering Fear: Defeating the #1 Challenge in Sales and Life

Michael Luckman is the author of OverPowering Fear: Defeating the #1 Challenge in Sales and Life.
You can find out more about him on, and also download some of his free audio sessions.

If you missed Michael on the Get the Funk Out! Show Monday February 27, 2012, you can listen to the entire interview here.

About Michael Luckman and his focus on fear:

    According to Google, 2,740,000 people worldwide search the word Fear each and every month. In a year, that’s almost 33 million individuals, just like you, who are seeking answers as to why their life is restrained by fear.
    13,600,000 people Google the word Joy each and every month while an additional 5,000,000 search for the meaning of Happiness. That’s over 216 million people a year seeking the Joy and Happiness that is missing from their lives.
    Monthly 6,120,000 seek the definition of What is Success? Before you can even begin the journey you have to know where you are and where you want to go.
    And many others are seeking the answer to overpowering Shame. Google says that 2,240,000 people a month want to free themselves from this debilitating state.
    If you’re a professional, small business owner or salesperson you might fear Networking. If you do you have a lot of company. 9,240,000 seek help every month.

Why am I an expert? Because fear was my constant companion for the majority of my life. When I had the chance to reflect back on my life I realized how many times I allowed fear to stop me from having, being and doing the most promising things, the ones that would have brought me the greatest joy, the greatest success and the greatest amount of abundance.

When I saw what fear did in my life – and saw how it was affecting others: I had to create a program that would help everyone to overpower their fears. Because when I learned how to overpower my own fear: my life, my health, my happiness was filled with wealth, vitality and joy. And, soon I was doing this for other people: friends, family members and other people in business. When they experienced the same miraculous results in their lives, well I wrote a book, created exercises and began to coach people professionally. That has led to seminars, workshops and even groups that meet every week, online and on ground.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sarah Reinertsen, athlete, motivational speaker, mentor and author interviewed on Get the Funk Out!

On Monday February 20, 2012, I had a great time interviewing triathlete, motivational speaker, mentor and author Sara Reinertsen. She is incredibly inspiring and I can't wait to read her book! 

If you missed the LIVE show on KUCI 88.9fm, you can listen to the entire interview here.

About Sarah
Sarah Reinertsen is an athlete, motivational speaker, mentor and author.  In 2009, GPP Life published her book, entitled “In A Single Bound.”   An honest, touching and funny memoir, how a feisty one-legged girl trying to fit in with her two legged friends, grows up to becomes a world-class athlete and TV personality.
Sarah stepped on the world stage after making sports history in one of the toughest endurance events in the world  –- the Hawaii Ironman.  This legendary race includes a 2.4-mile swim (3.8km), 112-mile bike (180km), and a 26.2-mile run (42.2km).   Sarah is the first woman on a prosthetic leg to finish the Ironman World Championships in Kona, in a very respectable finish time of 15 hours and 5 minutes.
A year later she raced around the world on “The Amazing Race,” the Emmy award winning reality TV series on CBS.   Sarah Reinertsen continues to race in triathlons and road races and is a 3-time ITU Paratriathlete World Champion.   She has raced on the US Paralympic track team, breaking world records, and winning awards including ESPN’s ESPY for best female athlete of the year.  Sarah’s story has been covered in many national newspapers and she has graced the covers of Runner’s World, Triathlete and ESPN magazine.

Missing her leg above the knee since the age of seven Sarah Reinertsen has never let that stop her from pursuing any challenge to meet her goals.  Through her multi-media presentation, Sarah shares her story and motivates others to realize their potential.  Sarah speaks about goal setting, how to face fear, overcome set backs, live with hope, and dares us all to dream big. 

Sarah graduated from The George Washington University with a BA in Communication and International Affairs, and received her MA in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California.
Sarah lives and trains in Orange County, California.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Annemarie du LeBohn featured on "Get the Funk Out!" Monday February 6, 2012

What?! You couldn't get up this morning because you were spent from the Superbowl?? Well, if you missed Annemarie's interview with host Janeane Bernstein at 9am pst on KUCI 88.9fm, you can listen to entire show here and it also streams on itunes.

About Annemarie Du LeBohn

From a black widow spider bite to a near plane crash to a collision with an 18-wheeler, Annemarie du LeBohn has proven she is a survivor.  In the scheme of her life, however, it was a secret she kept for many years that left the deepest emotional scars. (Source: USA Triathlon Life Magazine, April 2011)

Annemarie shares how she beat the odds of overcoming a brutal attack to create a positive mindset, enabling her to succeed as a Corporate Responsibility advocate, publisher and finisher of the Ironman.

Her insight helps others live like an elite performer – whether they are racing the Ironman or managing career moves or searching for peace & happiness.  Her signature strengths include creating synergistic partnerships; aligning social needs with corporate stakeholders; creating effective teams; and delivering insight to improve performance & morale.

Notable achievements include:

v  2011 Motivational speaking engagements:
o   Women in Default Services national conference
o   OCAREB’s “Ahh Conference”
o   Orange County Escrow Association

v  Recognize by The Empire Board of Realtist in Atlanta for her outstanding dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility and Education (2011).

v  2010 Ironman Arizona Finisher (Additional info available at:

Skillfully representing the human side of leadership, Annemarie’s unique combination of leadership and life skills allows her to connect directly to what drives & motivates people.  She speaks from the heart and uses her challenging life experiences to address difficult topics, thereby helping people thrive beyond negative experiences to live like an elite performer.

Speaking topics include:

v 3 tips on how to have a positive mindset
o   Discover how to be powerful & peaceful -- at the same time
§  7 essential skills to focus like an Ironman
·        Becoming who you were meant to be ... it’s never too late
Additional information regarding speaking engagements can be found at:

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