Friday, July 29, 2016

Actor/writer/director and comedian Upasana Beharee joined me Monday at 9:30am pst!

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Now living her life long dream as an actress in Hollywood, Upasana is currently appearing in the State Farm commercial DISAPPEARING AGENTS, as well on the Shorts HD channel in her directorial debut short film ALL IN A NIGHT’S’ WORK (Direct TV and AT&T u-verse in the US). The short, that she also wrote, will be screened world-wide for the next three years.
She can also be seen at THE COMEDY STORE, where she is a regular on Fridays in The Original Room (Sunset Blvd).
Recently she also appeared in the hit comedy show NEW GIRL on FOX. She was also the voice behind the award-winning interactive film DARK RIDE for Lexus, with Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame. 

After studying at The Joanne Baron DW Brown School in L.A., Upasana went on to study the tapes of Meisner’s actual 1980 master class, assembled by Sydney Pollack, spending literally hundreds of life changing hours pouring over the tapes, watching Meisner teach in his own words.
She is currently adapting ALL IN A NIGHT’S WORK into a feature. ALL IN A NIGHT'S WORK is now on VIMEO.

Born in South Africa, UPASANA BEHAREE first stumbled onto the stage at the age of four – doing a ballet recital in Pietermaritzburg, the little town she was born in. 

Upasana attended an Indians-only school, as required by law under Apartheid - the racist system of discrimination she grew up under. This upbringing ignited her work as a stand up comedian and film-maker – provocative work that often deals with the hypocrisy that exists within society. She explores themes like female sexuality and how society wants to dictate what a women’s sexuality should look like. She enjoys turning the tables on age old stereotypes.

“I’m hoping to jolt an awareness into society that women are not a monolithic lot of people but rather individuals with varying types of personalities” says Beharee ‘I’m bored of seeing women always being put into neat little boxes on screen.” 

She is also an award-winning actress who had a successful career in South Africa before moving to the US, the highlight being her role on the nationwide TV show SCANDAL, where she played the manipulative, obsessed murderess TASHNEE; in fact she played it so well she often had the experience of being angrily accosted by irate viewers, furious at Beharee for killing off their favorite character. One unfortunate incident saw her being chased in Johannesburg airport and the police having to be called in.

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