Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Amberly Crouse-Knox, Senior Director Creative & Marketing BMG Production Music Department, joined Janeane on KUCI 88.9fm!

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Amberly Crouse-Knox and Janeane talked about:

  • How she made her way to BMG music
  • What she does at BMG
  • Is this something she always wanted to do?
  • What it was like being honored at the She Rocks Awards, produced by the Women's International Music Network (WIMN)
  • The speech she gave at the recent She Rocks Awards January 2018 - House of Blues, and how she mentioned her Mom. Why that evening was such an important moment for Amberly.
  • What advice she would give singers/songwriters who are trying to make it in this biz because it is filled with FUNKS/ups and downs and uncertainty.

Janeane had a chance to chat with Amberly at the recent
2018 She Rocks Awards where Amberly was one of the honorees! The sixth annual She Rocks Awards took place at the NAMM Show at the the House of Blues Anaheim, on Friday, Jan. 26, 2018
The 2018 She Rocks Awards recipients included:
Lisa Loeb, Platinum-selling singer-songwriter, touring artist, author, and philanthropist
Karla Redding-Andrews, Executive Director for The Otis Redding Foundation
Exene Cervenka, vocalist for the iconic punk band, X
Amberly Crouse-Knox, Senior Director of Creative and Business Development, BMG Music Production
Jean Millington Adamian, June Millington and Brie Darling, of the pioneering all-female American rock band, Fanny
Candace Stewart, Studio Manager, EastWest Studios in Hollywood
Dawn Birr, Channel Manager for the Americas, Sennheiser Business Solutions
Fabi Reyna, Founder and Editor of She Shreds Media
Vanessa Mering, Marketing Manager, HARMAN Professional
Kristy Porter, Guitar Center's Director of Merchandising, General Accessories & Media

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