Sunday, April 12, 2020

April 20.2020 at 9:45am pst - Myra Goodman joins Janeane to talk about her book Quest for Eternal Sunshine: A Holocaust Survivor’s Journey from Darkness to Light

QUEST FOR ETERNAL SUNSHINE: A Holocaust Survivor’s Journey from Darkness to Light (on sale 4/14, She Writes Press) by Mendek Rubin and Myra Goodman. After her father’s passing in 2012, Goodman rediscovered and completed Rubin’s unpublished manuscript, an honest and intimate expression of his spiritual awakening following unimaginable loss. Would love for you to consider an interview with Myra Goodman this Spring.


· “A moving and inspiring story of courageous change from enormous suffering to a wisdom that transforms heart and mind! We can all learn from this.” ―Jack Kornfield, author of A Path With Heart

· “Mendek’s story is one of the grand, improbable, tragic, heroic, and triumphant memoir stories of our times―more unlikely than fiction. It demands to be shared.” ―Gordon Wheeler, president of Esalen Institute, clinical psychologist, author, and teacher

Liberated from Auschwitz (2020 is the 75th anniversary of liberation) to discover that nearly his entire family and community had been wiped out, Rubin began again in the U.S., eventually marrying and revolutionizing both the jewelry and packaged-salad industries with his inventions and patents. But for a substantial part of his life, he struggled to find relief from his mental and emotional suffering brought on by decades of repressed trauma, realizing he needed to find liberation from the psychological prison he’d lived in since he was a child in Poland.

Rubin’s quest shared within these pages reveal his philosophy of embracing all that is beautiful in the world, refusing to let the enormous trauma of his early life during the Holocaust define or limit his peace and joy. While there are countless memoirs of the Holocaust, this is ultimately a book that shares the transformative healing journey through an authentic search for spiritual enlightenment, an inspiring roadmap for self-awareness and inner growth that can help us all transform the way we live our lives. He shares profound wisdom on topics such as:

· Finding forgiveness: how to live in the present, the importance of self-acceptance and self-soothing, choosing understanding, compassion, and generosity.

· Making peace with fear: how to let go, embrace fears through acknowledgment, looking fear in the eye and breathing into it.

· Choosing to believe in the power of love: the importance of making a conscious decision to stop focusing on the negative, to choose happiness and see goodness.

· Visualizing new possibilities: one of Rubin’s primary techniques for retraining his mind to focus on happy thoughts, warm memories, joyful experiences, and beautiful places, a habit which “enabled me to plant flowers in my psyche where formerly only weeds had grown.”

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