Saturday, July 17, 2021

Closer to Fine, the debut novel by Jodi Rosenfeld candidly explores coming-of-age with meaningful discussions of sexuality, religion, mental health

Debut author Jodi Rosenfeld is releasing one of the most relatable, warmest new adult novels of the year, "Closer to Fine" (She Writes Press, May 25, 2021, ISBN: 978-1647420598), which follows 24-year-old Rachel Levine as she navigates anxiety, imposter-syndrome, and her traditional Jewish family–all while entering into a relationship with her new girlfriend, Liz.

About the book: 

Rachel is a psych student who knows the human brain but struggles to understand her own anxiety. Living with her conservative grandfather Zayde, she bonds with him over Jewish traditional rituals. But when a progressive female rabbi shakes up their community--and a new love interest, Liz, shakes up Rachel’s world--Rachel finds herself caught between tradition and exploration, loyalty and love, the person she is and the woman she wants to be. Here is a smart, heartfelt novel that proves “coming of age” is ageless, and we find ourselves when we’re least certain of who we are.

Author Jodi Rosenfeld is a clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety and acceptance-based therapies. Although "Closer to Fine" is not strictly autobiographical, Rosenfeld came out as bisexual and learned about feminist Judaism in her 20s.

“[Closer to Fine] will resonate for anyone who has ever struggled to find their place in the world” – Idit Klein, president and CEO of Keshet, for LGBTQ equality in Jewish life

In an interview, Jodi S. Rosenfeld discusses:

The inspiration behind “Closer to Fine”

Why several unique milestones mark Rachel’s personal growth – finding romance, coming out, and learning from therapy

The importance of therapy, and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health discussions, particularly regarding anxiety and OCD

How identity is explored in the novel, touching on the complex relationship between Judaism and feminism

What she hopes readers will take away from the novel


Jodi Rosenfeld is a clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety and acceptance-based therapies. She is a graduate of Tufts University and the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (now William James College). She lives with her husband and two teenage children in the western suburbs of Philadelphia and plans to enter rabbinical school in the very near future. Closer to Fine is her first novel. To learn more about her life and work, please visit:

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