Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Travel and wellness journalist, Annie Daly, talks about her debut book, DESTINATION WELLNESS: Global Secrets for Better Living Wherever You Are

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Disillusioned with the commercialization of the wellness industry, Annie embarked on an inspiring adventure through some of the world's happiest and healthiest cities and villages to find out what we can learn from them. Whether she's hiking along gorgeous fjords in Norway to see why Norwegians are so dedicated to getting outside, soothing her spirit with Hawaiian salt water cleanses, or learning about the importance Brazilians place on community, Annie combines on-the-ground reporting with heartfelt personal narrative to share the global lessons, philosophies, and customs that prove that wellness is not about the products—it's about the way you live your life.

Whether you’re a foodie, travel enthusiast, history lover, or just someone looking for that extra dose of inspiration this year, Annie’s book is guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

Here are a few of Annie’s recent travel and wellness articles:
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Annie discusses:
  • How to use these ideas to "travel from home" during the pandemic (ex, the best globally-inspired DIY beauty rituals, recipes, music, home decor and design, and more).
  • What it was like to work on a travel book during a travel shutdown.
  • The difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation—especially when it comes to travel.
  • All things female solo travel, from how to stay safe on the road to how to make friends on the road to how to combat occasional loneliness.
  • The best travel gear for every type of trip, from an around-the-world adventure to a weekend getaway.
  • What the wellness industry has gotten wrong about wellness—and what it's gotten right, too.
  • The rise of wellness travel, plus the best wellness destinations to put on your post-pandemic “wanderlist.”
  • The ethics/best practices of travel photography in the age of Instagram.
  • The difference between self-soothing and self-care--how “true self care is soul work.”
  • What a meal following an Ital diet consists of, and how we can incorporate it into our daily lives.
  • The Ital diet is a nourishing plant-based lifestyle from Rastafari culture. It’s main goal is to enhance vitality through food, and encourages growing your own food when possible. This enhances one’s connection and respect for Mother Nature.
  • The friluftsliv lifestyle (popular in Norway) and the importance of spending time outside and celebrating nature. How to live a more friluftsliv lifestyle while battling weather, work, and other factors.
  • The importance of conversation and the art of listening in Hawaiian culture, and how we may benefit from this practice.
  • Her experience with traditional Japanese onsen soaks and attending a tea ceremony.
  • What she took from these experiences back home with her.
  • How, according to Ayurveda, lifestyle choices, diet, the weather, etc. can all throw off the balance of our doshas.
  • How Ayurveda is all about personalized wellness -- what works for one person may not work for someone else. It’s about listening to your body.
  • How, according to Brazilians, well-being is a group thing rather than an individual thing. How our overall wellness can benefit from human connection.

True well-being isn’t hard to find. You just have to know where to look. In this insightful, full-color tour of Jamaica, Norway, Hawai'i, Japan, India, and Brazil, wellness and travel journalist Annie Daly shares a diverse array of philosophies, lifestyles, and practices for better living.

With candid photography, lesser-known history sidebars, and guidance on how to incorporate these often ancient and always timeless practices into your own lifestyle, this culturally-immersive read invites you to view the world through a different lens and decide what being well means to you.

DESTINATION WELLNESS also explores many other ideas, such as:
● Wellness is not a commodity. It’s a lifestyle and a mindset.
● It’s also not about adding — it’s about subtracting.
● The wellness philosophies that work best are often the simple, timeless ones: change your relationship to food, get outside when you can, connect to your roots, be present, stay balanced, and lean into your social connections.
● Self-care was originally created by and for Black people during the civil rights movement, but now many things labeled as self-care are really only self-soothing.
● True well-being is not something you can buy. It’s about tapping into what you have already, and what’s already inside of you.
● Our connection to both the past and the present is key to our well-being.

About Annie Daly
Annie Daly is a fourth-generation journalist who has worked at and written for a variety of wellness and travel publications, including SELF, AFAR, BuzzFeed,
Condé Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, and Cosmopolitan. Her specialties are travel and wellness, and how and where those two intersect. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband.
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