Monday, December 5, 2022

Coming up 12/5 9:30am LIVE on KUCI - UCI students Sandra Quintana and Marissa DeGeorge

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UCI students Sandra Quintana and Marissa DeGeorge

Meet Sandra! She is a 4th year
Psychological Sciences major at UCI

Originally from los angeles, Sandra now lives in riverside. She is a fourth year transfer student at UCI. Sandra has always been interested in people and the way relationships work. She decided to major in psychology and hopes to make her career surrounded in making an impact in the education and mental health space. In her free time, she loves taking photos and going out with friends. Her favorite thing is going to concerts! Fun fact: She has been to one every month this year. Sandra also loves watching movies, especially in theaters.

Meet Marissa! She is a 4th year at UCI
Psychological Science and Criminal Law

Marissa DeGeorge is a double major in psychological science and criminal law. She is very passionate about learning and would like to go to graduate school. Marissa  decided to major in both of these fields because she is eager to learn more about our minds and behaviors individually and socially. The topic that interests her most would be neuropsychology! I am excited to explore, learn, and grow through this journey!

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