Wednesday, May 29, 2024

As we prepare to wrap-up Mental Health Awareness Month, Professor Jason Schiffman joins host Janeane Live on KUCI 88.9fm at 9:00am pt!

ABOUT Dr. Jason Schiffman

Dr. Jason Schiffman is Professor of Clinical Science and the inaugural Director of Clinical Training for UCI’s Clinical Psychology program. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Southern California in 2003. Dr. Schiffman is founder and past Co-Director of the Maryland Early Intervention Program’s Strive for Wellness Clinic.

Dr. Schiffman’s research seeks to refine the identification of young people at risk for psychotic disorders, better understand the effects of psychosocial interventions for adolescents with psychosis, and uncover mechanisms that can reduce stigma against people with serious mental health concerns. 

UC Irvine psychological science professor Jason Schiffman discusses increasing awareness of mental health challenges, decreasing associated stigma, and taking care of ourselves, each other and the dedicated mental health care workforce serving our communities.


Schiffman heads a research team that has published over 200 scientific articles and acquired over $15 million in funding for their work on psychosis. He also trains and consults for clinics across the county on best practices for supporting people on the psychosis continuum. As the director of UCI’s Clinical Psychology Program, he helps guide cohorts of graduate students who are similarly compelled to provide mental health care for others.


UC Irvine’s new Psychological Services Center currently offers individual therapy for adults over the age of 18 who reside in California. Schiffman provides details on what it would look like for community members interested in inquiring about low-cost, evidence-based assessment and therapy for depression, anxiety, trauma and stressor-related disorders, and other mental health concerns.

Listen to Professor Schiffman on UCI's Podcast:
 latest episode of The UCI Podcast.

"Exploring psychosis, stigma, inclusion and well-being" 
Jason Schiffman shares his wide-ranging expertise on the UCI Podcast during Mental Health Awareness Month

Topics discussed in the UCI podcast include:
What is psychosis and what do we know about it?
Why do mental health challenges like psychosis still have a pervasive stigma and how can our community come together to change that?
How is UC Irvine playing its part in providing mental health services with its new Psychological Services Center, and how can community members access care? What are some simple steps we can all take to protect and improve our own well-being? Schiffman answers these questions and more in this episode of the UCI Podcast.

Join us Live Wednesday at 9:30am pt for this insightful conversation!


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