Thursday, June 6, 2024

National CPR and AED (Automated External Defribrillator) Awareness Week is June 1st through 7th. Janeane will be in conversation with a cardiac arrest survivor, Steven Munatones, and Dr. Shira Schlesinger.

According to, back in 2007, the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross and the National Safety Council collaborated to create a week called National CPR and AED (Automated External Defribrillator) Awareness Week.

"On December 13, 2007, Congress unanimously passed a resolution to set aside June 1-7 each year as National CPR and AED Awareness Week to spotlight how lives can be saved if more Americans know CPR and how to use an AED. Our campaign reinforces these skills but also places importance on the willingness of bystanders to act in a cardiac arrest emergency."

Today, we are in conversation with Steven Munatones and Dr. Shira Schlesinger,
Director of EMS & Disaster Preparedness Programs, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Steven suffered a a near-fatal heart attack, and it was his 17 year old son who performed CPR and saved him. A long-distance swimmer and lifelong athlete, Steven shares how his heart attack changed his life in unexpected ways, his love of ocean swims, and how these days he focuses on his passion for a Japanese therapy that has been a game changer.

to today's show

Dr. Shira Schlesinger

Dr. Shira Schlesinger is Director for Education & Innovation at the Los Angeles
County EMS Agency. Her interest in EMS & Disaster started in her college years as a
volunteer CPR instructor and disaster responder followed by training as an EMT. She
has continued to work in Emergency Medicine, EMS and Disaster Preparedness in a
variety of environments and positions, seeking to engage audiences in health
promotion and empowering communities through education and involvement in the

Dr. Schlesinger is dedicated to advancing prehospital and hospital unscheduled care in the
context of overall public health, and to improving health outcomes in the communities we serve.

Dr. Schlesinger is Emergency Medicine faculty at the David Geffen School of
Medicine at UCLA, Associate Director for the EMS Fellowship Program at Harbor-
UCLA Medical Center in collaboration with the Los Angeles County EMS Agency, and
faculty for the Harbor-UCLA Emergency Medicine residency program. Outside of the
L.A. County EMS Agency, Dr. Schlesinger is a Medical Officer with the National

Disaster Medical System, and Medical Director for a municipal Fire Department in
Orange County. On the side she helps raise her three kids…

Steven Munatones
CEO & Co-FounderCEO & Co-Founder

KAATSU established the BFR market and is the world-leader in Blood Flow Optimization training, recovery, and rehabilitation. Our equipment and protocols have an unprecedented safety track record with over 20 million individual sessions in 69 countries around the globe.


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