Sunday, October 13, 2013

Marcelo Lewin talks about his Comic Book Adventure tomorrow at 9am pst!

Coming up tomorrow morning at 9am on my Get the FUNK Out Show....Marcelo Lewin joins me!

If you missed today's show, you can hear my conversation with Marcelo right here.

About Marcelo

Marcelo Lewin started his career as a web developer and has always stayed a very technical and hands on person. Through the years, he's held many positions in the technology industry including that of a Senior Web Developer, Project Manager, Product Manager, Director, VP, General Manager and Director of Interactive Media.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, Marcelo has created 3 companies in the past including My Internet Desktop, which was acquired by Internet Appliance Network; Pixel Heads Network, which was acquired by ProMAX Systems; and Filmmaking Webinars, which was acquired by Moviola.

Marcelo recently became a huge fan of comic books and has started an online business called Comic Book Tracker, where users will be able to track their comic book collections, get notifications on upcoming issues, plus much more. This new website is scheduled to go live in December of 2013. To instill a spirit of entrepreneurship in his sons, Marcelo along with his 2 sons have created a small company called JCM Cards where they sell Magic The Gathering Cards online.

Marcelo loves comic books, movies, TV shows, photography, podcasting, shooting videos, plus anything related to media creation. He also loves spending time with his wife and 2 sons watching geeky shows and playing geeky games. Feel free to contact Marcelo via email at

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