Monday, October 14, 2013

Nick Jordan, creator of Wells of Life, and Advisory Board Member, Michelle Yegsigian joined me at 9:30am today!

President of Wells of Life Nick Jordan and Advisory Board Member Michelle Yegsigian joined me today to talk about how they are inspiring people of all ages to build water wells for the people of Uganda.

If you missed the show today, you can hear our entire conversation here.

Each well serves approximately 1,000 people, and changes their lives forever. To date, Wells of Life has helped provide lifesaving water wells that serve over 200,000 people. Here's some footage about their organization:

Wells of Life exists to solve the world water crisis, one well at a time. We were founded in 2008 with a commitment to bring clean water to one million people by 2020 with the funding of 1,000 water wells. We have worked closely with Fields of Life and witnessed the tremendous lifesaving work they have been doing since 1995 in many areas including Health Education and bringing the gospel message to thousands in Uganda. Wells of Life holds the committed belief that the tap root of poverty is lack of clean water. We focus exclusively on raising both awareness and needed funding to provide communities with the gift of clean water. We work alongside Fields of Life who own and operate the drilling equipment and who drill the water wells. Based in Laguna Beach, we received our own charitable status earlier this year (2012).

We are focused on three main areas: corporations, schools and families. We see all three as spanning a bridge of human awareness that will grow our outreach into all areas of the community around us. By providing a water well and dedicating it in the donor's name, we make this one of the most personal and most measurable gifts possible. A water well offers the gift of life to a community that lacks clean water. With clean water this community can begin to grow into a self sustainable community. Everything begins with clean water and with it, anything is possible.

In the future we hope to arrange for trips to Uganda so donors can see first-hand the miracles their donations bring about every day. It is our mission to create a world where each person has access to water as a basic human right. With your help we can accomplish this. For more information, visit:

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