Sunday, April 3, 2016

Actress/Producer, and Animal Rescue Advocate Courtney Daniels joined me Monday 9am to talk about her third feature film, Rescue Dogs!

Courtney Daniels joins me Monday at 9am to talk about her latest film, Rescue Dogs!

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About Courtney Daniels

After finishing her program at the British American Drama Academy in the UK, Courtney Daniels moved to LA to pursue her love of acting in film. RESCUE DOGS marks her 3rd feature film and her first lead role. Most recently, she was seen in THE GIRL IN THE BOOK, which premiered to rave reviews at the LA Film Festival. In addition to acting, Courtney founded Busted Buggy Entertainment, a dynamic production company that has produced 4 films and a television pilot (sold to MTV) in just 4 years. BBE is focused on telling female-driven stories and supporting the growth of women both onscreen and behind the camera. In her personal life, Courtney is an animal rescue advocate and the proud pet-parent to 7 rescue animals, making her a great fit for RESCUE DOGS!

About Rescue Dogs

Tracy and his rescue dog Charger have to foil the plans of an Evil Businessman who wants to knock over their beach restaurant in order to build his golf course. With help from his brother, Tracy tries to meet the bills, manage the kitchen (where Charger helps cook!) and still find time to fall in love with the beautiful dancer, Bridgette. Through a comedy of errors and mishaps, the humans find they themselves can be rescued by their very own rescue animals.

Making a Difference

It’s a movement! The producers and team behind Rescue Dogs are not just doing this to make a great film, they’re doing it to help animals all over the country find homes and to introduce kids and families to the joys of owning a rescue animal.
We have an entire strategy to make a difference! Here are our goals:

  1. Partner with a vetted, approved rescue organization in each theatrical city
  2. Hold live adoption events all day Saturday and Sunday of opening weekend with the goal to adopt no less that 25 pets per city (250 Total!)
  3. Raise awareness and $$$ for the partner Charities. In addition, the producers are committed to donate a percentage of their proceeds back to the various charities on a personal level!
  4. Give Brands the chance to include their product in a Adoption Gift Basket
    for each animal that is adopted at the event! We’ll be selecting a limited group of food, treats, collars, toys, and leash brands to be a part of the basket. These baskets will be displayed at each event for all to see!

Find out more about Rescue Dogs and the team behind this great film:

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