Friday, March 18, 2022

LIVE on Monday 3/21/22 9:00am pst - Karen V. Johnson, JD talks about her new book, Living Grieving: Using Energy Medicine to Alchemize Grief and Loss

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With the Holidays over, many people are left to cope with their magnified feelings of grief & loss of a loved one, a beloved pet, a job that no longer exists, loss of income, a home, and even a loss of self. According to The Atlantic 72% of Americans say that they know someone who has died or hospitalized due to COVID, making 6.6 million Americans could be effected by bereavement. A recent study by UCLA indicates how Americans are suffering Psychological Distress from a job loss.

Karen V. Johnson's fast-paced professional career as a lifetime appointed Federal Judge came to an abrupt halt when she lost her 27 year-old son to a heroin overdose. Rather than grieve in a way that made people around her comfortable, she did the unexpected. She quit her job, sold her house with all her belongings, and went on a 2½ year journey that took her all over the world, finding a healing practice along the way.

Karen didn't think she could ever find her way out of despair, but she found a process that works and shares the journey of transformation with others so they can heal too.

"Grief is a state of being that carries energy you can tap into to create a new life" - Karen V. Johnson

Karen V. Johnson, JD, is a graduate of Georgetown Law Center (J.D.), a former Fulbright Scholar in Afghanistan, and holds Masters Degrees in Public Health and Public and International Affairs (MPH, MPIA). Karen is a retired federal administrative law judge who practiced criminal and energy law for more than 30 years. She also is a former U.S. Army officer, Major, USAR (inactive). Karen was personally trained by Alberto Villoldo, and is faculty at the Four Winds Society and a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine. She has trained extensively in the techniques of Illumination, Soul Retrieval, Extractions of Energies and Entities, Divination, and Death Rites. Living Grieving: Using Energy Medicine to Alchemize Grief and Loss (Hay House, July 7th, 2021), is her first book.

"Whatever your loss—a loved one, a job, a sense of self—you too will find her story and guidance profoundly helpful and transformational."— Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder, Omega Institute and best-selling author of Broken Open, Cassandra Speaks, and other books

Talking Points:
  • Karen's personal journey through grief after the death of her son to a heroin overdose
  • Mindfulness practices for grief & loss
  • How to cope with grief and loss in the New Year
  • Ways to honor a passed loved one
  • Identifying grief and loss - it's much more than most people think
  • Using grief and loss to build a new life
  • What to say and not say to people who are grieving or experiencing loss
  • Simple steps to be a supportive family, friend, or co-worker
  • Ancient approaches to grief & loss, and the process of healing
  • Making peace with regrets, guilt, and despair
  • Finding self-compassion during a bereavement journey
  • Ancient Shamanic practices to heal the wounds of grief & loss

Karen writes, “I want you to know something really important. You may be feeling stuck in your grief and wondering why you can’t seem to get over it. I felt the same way until I realized we do not get over grief. It’s not like catching the flu; we aren’t sick. There is no cure, and we can’t medicate it away. Grief is a state of being that carries energy that you can tap into to create a new life. Just as we use the energy of other newly acquired states of being like marriage or parenthood to transform our lives, we can likewise use the energy of grieving to transform.”

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