Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pamela Giusto-Sorrells, a third generation natural food industry pioneer, joins me Monday at 9:30am!

Pamela Giusto-Sorrells is passionate about food and passionate about people. So much so that in 1988, filled with compassion for eaters limited to tasteless food due to health considerations, she founded a company dedicated to baking gluten-free foods so delicious that no one would know the difference. To this day, she personally develops each of the products that bear her name, with new recipes continually under development, often based on customers’ inquires and needs.

Giusto-Sorrells is a third generation natural food industry pioneer who grew up in a family which included a natural food store proprietor and artisan bakers.

Established by Pamela’s grandparents in 1941, the Golden Crescent was one of the first health food stores in San Francisco. Years, later, her father grew the business into a wholesale bakery, where one of Pamela’s responsibilities was packaging a variety of cookies made with safflower oil (and no preservatives of course): sticky macaroons, molasses bars, and gluten-free confections made of rice and soy flour that her family had made since the 1940s. Pamela was seasoned in the values on which she would later build her own business: that ingredients must be wholesome, that customers must be able to know without a doubt that the product meets their dietary needs – however unique – and that recipes must be so delicious that everyone could enjoy them.

To the delight of customers seeking wheat-free cookies the whole family would crave, Pamela’s Products started by developing delicious tasting Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies and rich Peanut Butter Cookies. From the picturesque Ukiah Valley, Pamela’s Products now proudly offers an expansive line of baking mixes, cookies, fig bars, snack bars and her newest introduction, Graham-style crackers.

As the company heads into its twenty-seventh year, Giusto-Sorrells remains at the heart of a business that continues to lead the way in bringing home-baked, convenient indulgence through an ever-expanding array of delicious gluten-free choices for all to enjoy. Pamela’s Products. Gluten-Free Cravings Fulfilled Since 1988

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