Sunday, September 20, 2015

Documentary feature filmmakers Sybil Azur and Linda Cevallos-French joined me Monday 9/21 at 9:30am pst to talk about their inspiring film Pushing Motherhood!

Filmmaker Sybil Azur joined me this morning to talk about her documentary with Linda Cevallos-French. Linda was unavailable to join us, so we will reschedule another time. You can listen to my conversation with Sybil here.

PUSHING MOTHERHOOD, an inspiring film about the joys and pitfalls of late-in-life motherhood, which was released for rent and purchase on Vimeo on Demand on August 30, and I wanted reach out and put the film on your radar for possible coverage.

This intimate and illuminating documentary feature film by Sybil Azur and Linda Cevallos-French witnesses the filmmakers' lives from the moment they and their partners choose to have a family throughout their very different journeys to late-in-life first-time motherhood.

Life-long friends and professional dancers and actresses, Sybil Azur and Linda Cevallos-French created a fully-funded Kickstarter campaign and are now introducing “Pushing Motherhood” as a Vimeo On Demand release to encourage and empower other women to take charge of their reproductive lives and make their own informed decisions.
Costly, emotional and risky, some women may prefer to remain childless. For others, the film explores the options available today, including assisted reproductive technology, adoption, acupuncture, holistic medicine, gestational carriers, egg freezing, and egg donation.
“While making the film, we realized that we were largely clueless about the realities of a woman’s fertility,” said Linda Cevallos-French. “We knew the basics, but in interviewing the experts, we discovered that there are a lot of important choices one can make when trying to build a family.”
“Trying to have a baby is a deeply personal and emotional journey. This is a conversation that needs to come out from behind closed doors,” added Sybil Azur. “Through telling our own stories, we hope to encourage viewers to talk to one another about their struggles and successes, and take control of their reproductive lives sooner rather than later.”


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