Thursday, March 17, 2016

2016 Natural Products EXPO West - Best of List!

This year my photographer, RM Korisky, and I came up with the 3 P's Rating System for the Natural Products Expo West -- Product, People, and Presentation. Some businesses had great products, incredibly friendly people, and the marketing and presentation was outstanding. And then there were others who were not so great when it came to face-to-face chatting about their product (shy, unsure and not emphasizing the key points of their new item) or they didn't have a great presentation or a product that was unique on the market. The following is a list of some of the companies that really stood out!


photo credit: RM Korisky

Pamela's Products continue to offer a wide array of products that are relevant to the needs of people with celiac and food sensitivities. Her line includes everything from pizza mix to cake and cookie mixes that are easy and delicious to make. This year, her product line expanded to include an entire line of pancake mixes that include: buckwheat, buttermilk, non-dairy, protein, grain-free and a nut flour blend. Pamela is always at the expo cooking and greeting people with incredible warmth and a genuine love for what she brings to the market. Her presentation is always outstanding, her people incredibly friendly and her products are a home run! And for this we give Pamela's Products - 3Ps!


photo credit: RM Korisky

Whoever thought of the walking Mamma Chia Squeeze character is super smart! Mamma Chia continues to attract people with great product marketing, friendly and knowledgeable staff and a fun and lively presentation. From squeezers, granola clusters, energy and vitality beverages, Mamma Chia continues to be an influential product on the chia market. And for these reasons, we gave Mamma Chia - 3Ps!


JC's Pie Bites. Addictive. Thanks a lot JC! You really can't just eat one of these and stop. They are the perfect size and come in so many different flavors. The staff at the JC booth were great, the presentation was awesome and the product...delish! And they have so many other great products, too. 

For more info, visit: 

photo credit: RM Korisky

Of course, it was very easy to give JC a perfect 3P rating!


photo credit: RM Korisky

Vita Coco's products made our list because they had a great, fun presentation, fantastic people, and a variety of excellent flavors. The Vita Coco Cafe drinks were so unique and really made their mark on a lot taste testers. My favorite was the Cafe Latte Coconut Water! Of course, we gave them 3Ps!


photo credit: RM Korisky

Amy's continues to expand their product line and each year. They always impress with their elaborate displays and the food disappears in seconds! Their growing list of products include a variety of tasty pizzas, parmesan swirls, three cheese and kale bake, chili mac, plus a whole line of other food items that include Mexican, Indian, Italian and Thai. Huge crowds of people clear the samples in seconds. Their products, people and presentation continue to be a leader at the Expo! 

And did I mention the candy? Incredibly delicious!
(warning: don't look while you are hungry!)


photo credit: RM Korisky

Naked Juice continues to be a great healthy drink company and now they introduced their Cold Pressed line. The samples they offered were not only unique, but delicious and healthy in every way. There were items that were very unique to Naked Juice, which make them stand out in the crowd. Great people, packaging, really tasty healthy juices. And for these reasons, we gave them 3 Ps!

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