Sunday, January 28, 2018

Warner Loughlin, acting coach to the likes of Emma Roberts, Amy Adams, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Kyra Sedgwick, all three Deschanel ladies, Taylor Schilling, and countless other Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, Tony and Grammy nominees and winners joined host Janeane Bernstein today on KUCI 88.9fm!

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Warner Loughlin is releasing an acting book, The Warner Loughlin Technique: An Acting Revolution (Howland-Tilley Press, January 30, 2018) and taking interviews in support of her tour.

Warner truly is the woman behind the talent! With her guidance actors are finding the well to dip into for their performances. She's the reason half the movies and TV shows you watch are enjoyable, and she is available for general Hollywood discussion in time for Awards season kicking off this January... as well as more detailed discussions such as:

  • Her acting method and how it prepares A-listers for their performances
  • Performances by any of her clients (full list below)
  • How her technique varies so much from other acting methods out there (it focuses on emotional wellness and not perpetuating trauma)
  • What it's like working with Hollywood couples (Amy Adams and Darren Le Gallo, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds)
  • Weinstein-related commentary
  • Women supporting women in "the industry"
  • The misconception of the actor as ‘diva’
  • How Warner developed her technique and why
  • History of acting techniques and methods
  • The positive emotional benefits of using the WLT instead of other types of acting training
  • How the WLT provides personal benefits aside from acting, such as discovering the source of childhood wounds and ways Loughlin has found to heal them
  • “I slept with Ryan Reynolds 27 times. Kidding! (But I did tell my husband that.) Shooting Buried was so emotionally exhausting that on our lunch breaks, he would take a couch in the green room and I would take the other one. Only in Spain could you actually take a siesta while shooting.”
  • The business of the business and how it’s changed
  • What being on set is really like
  • Different directors - their strengths and weaknesses (please note, Loughlin will not name names but can speak generally)
  • How her blind belief that anything is possible led her from a tiny mountain town in North Carolina to LA
  • How writers use this technique to develop characters

“I’ve been working with Warner Loughlin for years. Not only has she helped me become a better actor, but she’s also helped me truly enjoy this work in ways I never imagined.”

-Ryan Reynolds

Loughlin debunks the myth of the tortured actor and guides you step by step through her groundbreaking technique. Discover powerful ways to unlock your creativity in a
psychologically safe way. Her insight into life and art is remarkable. The Warner Loughlin
Technique changes the way acting will be taught for generations to come.

Notable client list:

Emma Roberts
Amy Adams
Darren Le Gallo
Ryan Reynolds
Blake Lively
Zooey Deschanel
Emily Deschanel
Mary Jo Deschanel
Sosie Bacon
Kyra Sedgwick
Nikki Deloach
Valerie Cruz
Ashley Williams
Carter MacIntyre
George Lopez
Brian Presley
Marla Sokoloff
Erin Cardillo
Brandon Scott
Terryn Westbrook
Elena Evangelo
Catherine Bruhler
Sharon Gardner
Amber Valletta
Daisy McCrackin
Jordan Ladd
Amanda Wing
Kimberly Williams Paisley
Brenton Thwaites
Jane Levy
Matt Bomer
Merle Dandridge
Bre Blair
Rachael Taylor
Taylor Schilling
Penelope Mitchell
Sarah Rafferty
Jess Schram
Shiri Appleby
Jerrika Hinton
Malcolm Jamal Warner
Ryan Rottman
Tyler Blackburn
Rachel Boston
Bridget Reagan
Mickey Sumner
Brant Dougherty
Bren Foster
Amanda Schull
Laura Bell Bu
Ronda Rousey

For over 20 years Warner​ ​Loughlin​ ​has been a teacher and coach to Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, Tony and Grammy winners and nominees. Known for her warmth and intuitive approach, her technique shatters the myth that an actor's past emotional traumas must be the fuel or foundation for their work. Warner’s technique is imaginative, practical and psychologically deep, giving actors a safe and effective way to access emotion and create extremely nuanced and unique performances. Warner studied Contemporary Literature and Shakespeare at Oxford University and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She now lives in Los Angeles, CA with her family.

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