Sunday, April 29, 2018

4/30 - 9:45am pst - Author Colleen D. Scott joined Janeane to talk about her book, Everybody Needs A Bridge

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High school is a difficult time for every teenager. When Erin enters a large public high school in 1980, she’s more than a little intimidated. Shocked by the realization that the legacy of her southern Alabama town isn’t a thing of the past, Erin struggles to find her way and in the process forms several important relationships. Brittany, whose genuine friendship and unconditional support help Erin navigate her unfamiliar surroundings. Shelby, whose strength and confidence challenge Erin to make her own decisions. And Emmet, whose magnetism and acceptance inspires her to dream of a different future.

As the years pass, Erin’s new bonds grow stronger. And together, they search for the answer to one important question: How do you define your own path, feel like you belong, and yet resist all of the social pressures and rigid expectations?

Tragically, after their time in high school ends, Erin becomes separated from these important friends. Alone, she struggles to find the courage to continue her journey. Ultimately, she is forced with a life-defining choice. Her decision will catapult Erin into adulthood, will test her faith, love and courage, and inevitably have an impact on the lives of those she loves most.

“Everybody Needs A Bridge” is the story of how the bonds we form and the decisions we make when we are young shape our future self. As a white, middle-class female growing up in a socially segregated Alabama town, Erin is raised to embrace people regardless of gender, class and race. But when those theoretical lessons become reality, she is faced with hard choices and no clear

Colleen will speak about how her book speaks to racial tensions in the country today, the intricacies of and interracial relationship, and why she chose to base a book on her real life, but write under a pen name.

Colleen D. Scott, basing her engrossing novel on real-life events, takes us on a coming-of-age journey through Erin’s high school years and beyond. Amidst racial tensions and societal pressures, Erin dreams of pursing a life free of oppressive expectations. As she grows, important relationships and life-changing events challenge her to determine her own path, despite the difficulties. In the face of unspeakable tragedy and enduring adversity, Erin must decide if what she wants is worth the consequences she will face.

Readers will undoubtedly empathize with Erin’s journey and the problems presented by growing up in a society grappling with change. Scott brings a unique perspective to a pivotal story about
discovering who you are meant to be.

After decades spent pursuing a career in the corporate world and raising three incredible children, Colleen decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an author. Raised in southern Alabama, this new author artfully weaves compelling story lines with emotion evoking characters into biting social commentary. And like most southern women, Colleen enjoys great food, football and reading a great book on a sandy beach.

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