Saturday, October 19, 2019

October 17th, 2019 - The Observatory in Santa Ana, California, featuring headliner Clairo, with openers Beabadoobee and Hello Yello.

Clairo - photo credit: J. Bernstein

October 17, 2019 - Clairo headlined at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California last week with opening acts Beabadoobee and Hello Yello. Beabadoobee, a Filipino-British indie artist, took the stage in her adorable mini side buns and genuine stage presence. She was full of spunk, charm, and charisma, and her fellow musicians had great chops, too. Their set list included songs with a fantastic mix of drums, bass, and of course, her beautiful singing voice. Even though she had an amp issue early on, she grabbed her acoustic guitar and killed her set list.
Clairo - photo credit: J. Bernstein

Beabadoobee - photo credit: J. Bernstein

Clairo took the stage later on around 9:45pm and the crowd went nuts. She's an extremely talented 21 year old from Boston, Massachusetts with meaningful songs that resonate with her fans. From her casual and genuine style to her singing, it is easy to see why Clairo is a worldwide sensation. With over 1 million followers on Instagram, Clairo had the venue packed with her supporters and fans. Her set list included songs from her latest album, Immunity, as well as some of her singles Bubblegum, Pretty Girl, Flaming Hot Cheetos, and 4ever. In between songs, there were numerous fans yelling,
“I LOVE YOU CLAIRO!!” and she would break from her composure, and respond with a heartfelt, “I love you, too!”

The audience loved her so much, and chanted for an encore. She played three more songs and then picked five very lucky people out of the audience to come on stage for a dance party. The look on their faces was pure joy and disbelief! She ended the dance party with hugs and thanking each fan individually.

Clairo is a class act with great vocals and a captivating stage presence. She made sure to walk the stage, shake hands, and connect with adoring fans, whether she was standing at the edge of the stage, above the pit or on either side of the venue. The emotion on her fans faces was a beautiful thing to witness. 

Clairo - photo credit: J. Bernstein

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