Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Just in time for the holidays! Actor David L. Rowell talks about his holiday hit, Christmas in Carolina, and his foundation, DJ Rowell Foundation

Meet David L. Rowell

David is an accomplished actor who stars in the breakaway holiday hit, Christmas in Carolina. David is not only the film's lead man, but he is an incredible inspiration to us all, even away from the screen. He is the founder of the DJ Rowell Foundation and has spent the past week spreading holiday cheer by delivering backpacks to children's hospitals in South Carolina where he lives!

DAVID L. ROWELL, a South Carolina native grew up believing that his calling was in basketball, the sport he loved more than anything else; however, after an internship opportunity, DJ, as he is affectionately known, caught a glimpse of artistry. This is where David tapped into acting and his charismatic personality instantly catapulted him into a new arena. David has since put forth all the necessary efforts to perfect his craft by staying consistent with training and being in front of any camera that allows him to display his platforms. He has quickly become acclimated to life on the scene as well as behind the scene.

David’s captivating personality helped him land his first, big role in the feature film “Christmas in Carolina,” where he personifies the character “Wesley Saxon.” David, who is the founder of The DJ Rowell Foundation, is pursuing his acting career full time and is extremely humbled for the opportunities he’s had as well as those yet to come.

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