Saturday, October 30, 2021

Coming up Monday 11/1/21 at 9:30am pst - Author Robin Merle shares latest book, a self-help that title turns the trauma of being fired into opportunity. An expert’s debut empowers women to be resilient after experiencing job loss

It’s no secret that pandemic job losses are affecting more women than men, with women losing employment at a rate 1.8 times greater than men. And even before the pandemic, job loss was proven to be an issue that often disproportionately affected women. A 2018 study by Fortune found that female CEOs are 45% more likely to get fired than their male counterparts, even when their companies are performing well.

Job loss is a common experience faced by women professionals spanning a wide-range of industries, interests, and experience levels. Which is why Robin Merle set out to destigmatize conversations surrounding being fired in her new book, Involuntary Exit: A Woman’s Guide to Thriving After Being Fired (She Writes Press, Oct. 19, 2021). A fast-paced and digestible self-help book, “Involuntary Exit” is based on Robin’s own expertise and her interviews with accomplished women who were suddenly severed from their organizations and navigated their way back to success.

Robin discusses:

The emotional, mental, and even financial toll being fired takes on women

What she learned from her interviews with real women who were severed from their organizations

How destigmatizing being fired can lead to community-building and personal growth

Her advice for dealing with uncertainty in the workplace, especially as we are still evaluating the short- and long-term effects of the pandemic

“Involuntary Exit should be compulsory reading for women at the top of their professions—and all who are navigating upward.” –Deb Taft, Chief Executive Officer, Lindauer Global

Robin Merle has been a senior executive for billion-dollar organizations. She is a veteran of the power, value, and identity wars at the top ranks; has raised more than a half-billion dollars in philanthropy during her decades working with nonprofit organizations; has served as a board member for three nonprofits in New York City; and has been the vice chair of National Philanthropy Day in New York for three consecutive years. In 2017, she was named Woman of Achievement by Women In Development (WID) for her leadership in fundraising and commitment to women in the field. Robin is a frequent speaker at national conferences on fundraising and leadership. Her short fiction has been published in various literary magazines. Involuntary Exit is her first nonfiction book. Robin splits her time between New York City and North Conway, New Hampshire and Maine. You can find Robin Merle at her website:

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