Sunday, March 16, 2014

Peter Deltondo, founder of Design vs Cancer, joined me Monday 3/17/14 at 9:30am pst!

Thanks to Peter Deltondo, founder of Design vs. Cancer, for calling into the show! If you missed Peter, you can hear our conversation here. Thanks for all you are doing Peter!

About Peter Deltondo
Peter Deltondo is a Graphic Designer from Tustin, CA. He recently founded Design vs Cancer, which has gathered the creative community to use their talents to rally around people battling cancer and helping provide financial assistance during this difficult time in their lives. Design vs Cancer recently finished a successful Kickstarter funding campaign and are preparing to launch their first line of products to begin helping those going through cancer.

Peter Deltondo
Founder & Designer
Design vs Cancer

Coming up 4/17 at 9:30am - CEO Glenn Gray and Dr. Alissa Deming, VP of Conservation Medicine & Science, sat down with me to talk about the Pacific Marine Mammal Center

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