Friday, February 26, 2016

Writer and producer Mike Robinson joined me Monday at 9am!

Thanks to Mike Robinson for calling in to today's show!
If you missed Mike, listen to our conversation

An avid writer since age 7, award-winning author Mike Robinson began selling professionally at 19, placing various speculative fiction stories in magazines, anthologies, e-zines and podcasts. He is the author of the novels Skunk Ape SemesterThe Prince of Earth, the short story collection Too Much Dark Matter, Too Little Gray and the non-linear trilogy "The Enigma of Twilight Falls", which includes the novels The Green-Eyed Monster, Negative Space and Waking Gods. Forthcoming is a mainstream literary novel The Atheist and the metaphysical monster-romp Dreamshores.

A native of Los Angeles, he is also a screenwriter and producer with 5 Rainbow Productions, having co-written the short film Chrysaline, currently in post-production, and developed a TV anthology series. He also edits the online magazine Literary Landscapes, the official publication of GLAWS, The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society. His official website is

Mike Robinson

Novelist / Editor

Negative Space (Surreal Thriller)
The Prince of Earth (Metaphysical Horror)
The Green-Eyed Monster (Horror/Mystery)
Skunk Ape Semester (Paranormal)

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