Saturday, November 26, 2016

Monday12/5/16 9:45am PST, Author Shaun Usher joined Janeane Bernstein to talk about his latest book "Letters of Note Volume 2."

If you missed Shaun Usher on today's show, listen here.

Shaun Usher joins me to talk about beautiful notes and letters penned by authors such as Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Seuss, Jane Austen, Mozart, Beatrix Potter, and more! An entirely new set of letters to observe and explore, for a fun new conversation about the art of letter writing, our communication styles, and how we can dwell in the past in our digital future.


  • "A fascinating blog..." - Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic
  • "...a fantastic blog..." - Mark Frauenfelder, Boing Boing
  • "The internet's cultural magpie" - GQ Magazine
  • "Fantastic idea [...] and well done too" - Jason Kottke,
  • "...a wonderful collection..." - Scott Beale, Laughing Squid


Letters of Note is a blog-based archive of fascinating correspondence, complete with scans and transcripts of the original missives where available.

I have a seemingly endless supply of correspondence to plough through, but your input is always welcome. Get in touch via If you wish to send images, please forward high quality versions where possible, don't attempt to compress them to the point of illegibility, and please don't crop them to death. If you happen to have an original you wish to post to me using regular mail, let me know via email. If you already know it's fake, don't send it.

You have four choices when it comes to receiving updates — RSS, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr — and unless my fingers crumble away, there will be at least one new post every weekday.

I predict you will also enjoy visiting Letterheady, another blog I run which is dedicated to showcasing interesting letterheads — it's like Letters of Note, but with less reading — and Lists of Note, which, predictably, features notable lists.

Please note that whenever I link to a book on Amazon (typically when highlighting the source of a particular letter) I use an affiliate link — this essentially means that, should you click that link and then purchase said book, I receive, from Amazon, a small percentage of the book's price.

If you have any more questions, please get in touch.


Shaun Usher

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