Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dr. Estelle Toby Goldstein, also known as "The Renegade Doctor" joined me at 9:00am PST Monday 11/21/16!


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My name is Estelle Toby Goldstein, MD and I'm known as "The Renegade Doctor" -- and the reason they call me that is because I'm going to tell you the things the doctors, hospitals, insurance and big drug companies DON'T want you to know ... In our radio chat, I'm going to tell your listeners how to live pain free without using over-the-counter products that damage your body, without prescription narcotics that are potentially addictive and even lethal, without going to a doctor, and without spending all of your money.  I'm here to tell you about natural products that can do the exact same things as prescription drugs, without the dangers, and without the costs, and I'm going to  tell you where you can find these products on your own in local stores, on the internet or by mail-order.

We have been missing out on some of the greatest advances in medicine.  Not because they are so new -- some of these are many years old -- maybe centuries.  But the knowledge has been buried by the special interests who not only want to keep you paying for things that may not work, and may make you worse -- This knowledge is used all over the world.  It is written up in medical journal -- but usually not in the USA.

And like nearly all Americans, you probably don't even know you've been missing out.  If you talk to your doctor about a natural product or an alternative treatment, you will be told that it is too risky, it hasn't been proven, there's not evidence that it works.  When the truth is, most have more scientific backing than anything in your doctor's sample cabinet.

If you've been feeling that modern medicine has been making you worse instead of better, then this may be the most important 20 minutes you will ever spend.


I will be opening my private practice in Orange County soon, and my emphasis will be in getting people off of prescription drugs safely and with minimal discomfort.  I can then give them natural treatments to take the place of those drugs, and in some cases, eventually make them totally free of the underlying problem so they don't need to take anything.

I am also going to start a series of free seminars soon concentrating on Massive Obesity -- people who are at least 50 lbs and even 100 lbs or more overweight as judged by BMI.  I have written a book about my own struggles.  





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