Sunday, November 20, 2016

Amir Alexandre Banifatemi, Organizer of TEDxLA joins me Monday at 9:15am pst!

Amir Alexandre Banifatemi
Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Amir Banifatemi
Entrepreneur and innovation promoter, Amir Banifatemi has a passion for entrepreneurship, education, and active mentorship. Amir’s career spans more than 28 years in Europe and the United States in the development and growth of high technology ventures. He is an active angel investor, board member of the Tech Coast Angels , and the founding member of K5 Ventures. With a constant focus on identifying and developing future and emerging technologies that can impact society, he got inspired by TED conferences where he found that the intersection of ideas, innovation, and community that TED and the TEDx program offer to be a compelling experience and a driver to further actions and engagement.

About TEDxLA
TEDxLA will be an event where the village in which it is held will play a central role in how we have global impact. Where the action we take will be as important as the ideas we share.

Imagine if we could allow each speaker and performer to bring people together and allow them to visualize an “imagined future”. How can we offer everyone the opportunity to touch and feel an idea? Imagine we could transform the previous impossible into possibility by one idea.

TEDxLA 2016 theme is Imagine

We welcome you to join a gathering of the minds as we explore how we imagine our collective future.

Imagine a day when the City of Angels acts like a city of angels. Where hungry minds collaborate, where entertainment, science, arts, innovation, inclusiveness, freedom, and the spirit of being oneself becomes like a tradition that always existed.

Join us for this exclusive event. Check out from the day-to-day routine and go on an intellectual journey filled with brilliant speakers, captivating performances, amazing new technology, thought-provoking ideas, and an opportunity to be part of the conversation that will define our future.

See the list of speakers.

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According to, back in 2007, the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross and the National Safety Council collaborate...