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5/4/18 @9:00am - Author Chris McGoff discusses his latest book, Match in the Root Cellar

Chris McGoff, author and business owner focuses on teaching leaders to create peak performance cultures in their companies. For example, at the World Bank he helped the organization create a new formula for aid allocation that minimized the problem of corruption and renewed the World Bank’s power to address global poverty.

Chris McGoff's first book, The PRIMES, was a Washington Post bestseller with other accolades as well - you can see that info here. His second book, Match in the Root Cellar (Forbes, February 6, 2018) shares how executives can make their work places of shared intention, focus, and passion.... all steps toward "peak performance culture."

In an interview Chris will discuss:

Chris' unusual "business fiction" blended book genre

His experiences working to consult with influential leading organizations such as the UN, Boeing, IBM, AARP and more.

How to understand what is limiting peak performance, and what to do about it

How to ensure that the critical people are focused on the fewest, most important issues (and not stretched thin across too many matters of little import)

What is at stake if a group's culture is not shaped positively

The 7 key pillars that lead to peak performance culture

Chris McGoff has found tremendous success via his methods as co-founder of The Clearing, Inc. a Washington, D.C.-based management consulting firm. His client list includes many U.S. Federal Government agencies, IBM, AARP, Consol Energy, Benesch, Coffman Engineers, Harris, Lazard, the American Petroleum Institute, SalientCRGT, DuPont, the United Nations, and Boeing.

You can see his TEDx talk to see how personable and dynamic Chris is!

Match In The Root Cellar: How You Can Spark A Peak Performance Culture

After successfully leading her company through a transition as interim CEO,
Carolyn earns her appointment as permanent CEO of Phossium. Although she is
excited, Carolyn quickly realizes something’s wrong.

Early on, Carolyn recognizes a problem at the company―a very serious problem
that threatens its growth and profitability. Carolyn identifies the problem as
default culture―the complacency and discontent you’re left with when you stop
intentionally generating a positive culture.

But changing the company culture isn’t easy, especially when employees, senior
leaders, and even a board member push back. Taking it upon herself to spark
change, Carolyn looks to enlist the help of anyone willing to help build a peak
performance culture.

Together with other dissidents of the status quo, Carolyn has to find a way to change
the company culture from “default” to “peak performance”―no small feat.

In his book Match in the Root Cellar, Chris McGoff―culture guru and bestselling
author of The PRIMES―allows you to journey along with Carolyn, a composite
character based on real-life people, to learn and see how it’s up to everyone
to work through the struggles and find a way to redefine company culture and
achieve peak performance.

By the end of Carolyn’s story, you will be equipped to break down that default
culture and build a culture of peak performance!

Match in the Root Cellar is unlike any other business book I have worked with:

It is a business book that uses a fictional account of a female CEO and her experience taking on her dream job (and realizing that an entire company culture needs to change!)
It is beautifully illustrated
The non-fiction segments are in the back of the book but address the concepts outlined throughout the written narrative

Chris will discuss how to spark a peak performance culture via:

Actionable principles and tools that can transform work cultures and produce extraordinary results
Recognizing, decoding and leveraging the principles and behaviors that shape your organization's culture
How to discover and reallocate resources away from low and non-value added activity
How organizations can increase growth, refine strategy, enhance customer focus, increase collaboration, enrich communication, reduce fragmentation, decide future courses of action, and resolve outstanding issues!

In the book, Chris McGoff illustrates how work cultures can be toxic to productivity, or the foundation for thriving businesses. His character Carolyn must learn to work with the many departments and their heads in her tenure as a new CEO, her dream job. This is part of what makes this book so unique--a fictional component that demonstrates the values Chris teaches makes this business book engaging and warm. Beautiful illustrations are interspersed throughout this section as well, which are later echoed in the diagrams in the non-fiction component of the book that directly addresses peak performance culture, and how to achieve it.

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