Tuesday, August 3, 2021

A tribute to Calvin Gantt - a member of our KUCI family


If you are fortunate enough in life, you will meet some very special people that will see something in you that you didn't recognize. They will take the time to point out the goodness you bring to this world. That you have created something special, and this is your legacy; this was Calvin. He was someone so kind, wise, and compassionate, and I am so saddened to hear the news that he passed away. I met Calvin at KUCI, but really got to know him when he invited me on his show, Awoke. He also attended my first book talk with his lovely wife, and told me in front of everyone, "This is your legacy. How does it feel?" I was humbled and honored to know him.

I am sharing our conversation on his show. He is so missed, and I treasured our time together.

Calvin Gantt - a writer, public speaker, radio talk show host, community organizer, and Interfaith minister, who has dedicated his life to being of service to others.

LISTEN: http://getthefunkoutshow.kuci.org/.../5819-shout-out-to...

I am relistening to this show with Calvin and I will forever treasure this conversation. He is filled with wisdom, and we certainly laughed a lot. Much love to his family and friends. What a blessing to know you, Calvin.

Sharing this video with his wife: Movements Toward Oneness Calvin Gantt and Nicole Mitchell Gantt

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