Sunday, April 30, 2017

Starting this Monday May 1, we are kicking off our FUND DRIVE which runs through May 12 and we are giving away some AWESOME Giveaways!!

Starting this Monday May 1, we are kicking off
our FUND DRIVE which runs through May 12!

With your support, we can make our fund drive a once a year success, and reach our goal of $12,000. Over the next twelve days we are giving away some great premiums as a way to thank you for supporting our station and believing in the importance of independent free-form radio. We have brand new coffee mugs, flash drives, Sport bottles, cool new KUCI t-shirts, plus some vintage styles as well. And a huge collection of music that can be yours, too. If you like the Blues, Reggae, Indie Rock, Electronic, Hip Hop, or any other type of alternative music, we’ve got an eclectic mix of CDs ready to give away.

Here’s all you need to do. You can show your support in several ways. Call in starting Monday May 1 and talk some of our DJs handling calls or make your donation, securely and easily on-line through UCI’s eGiving site. BUT, if you do call in, you’ll be able to score some great KUCI giveways!

So, spread the word to your friends today! KUCI has some great thank you gifts if you call in between May 1-May12. Here’s the number 949-824-5824. That's 949-824-KUCI.

We know KUCI is a rarity in the world of radio. Who else offers you the eclectic mix of music and public affairs shows? Exactly. And to thank you for keeping us on the air all these years, we have a ton of cool giveaways. All you have to do is call 949-824-5824 and show your support. We’ll do the rest. We believe in KUCI. We believe in what this station stands for. How about you? Call 949-824-5824.That's 949-824-KUCI.

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