Sunday, October 29, 2017

10/30 9:15am pst - Cyn Hannah, Success Coach/Results Expert/Life After Grief Coach joins Janeane Monday!

As a Success Coach and a Results Expert, Cyn Hannah thrives on empowering her clients to create lives they love.

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Having been through her own share of challenges—first in childhood and then as an adult—Cyn believes in the power of reframing obstacles into empowering experiences.

Cyn has always known it was her calling to empower people to live better lives. Her favorite classes in college were her psychology classes, and after college, she continued to study, with a focus on the self-improvement topic. She considered becoming a therapist, but that didn't feel like a good fit. Then she discovered life coaching, and realized that was her calling; the idea that life coaching is about helping people move forward appealed to her.

It is now Cyn's mission to guide people in making their own lives great, whether that means overcoming obstacles, or taking their situation from good to incredible … or many times, both.

Cyn believes that everything she's faced in her own life has provided her with the unique ability to really stand with people, whether they're committed to making a good life GREAT, taking their life to the next level, or navigating through a tough challenge.

Her results-oriented approach drives her to help her clients get out of overwhelm, stop sacrificing their personal lives in the name of "success," and finally enjoy the free time and lifestyle they crave.

Because she realizes our paradigms have a strong gravitational pull, Cyn values education, and invests in her own at a high level each year. Doing so helps her stay at the forefront of leading-edge information and strategies to help her clients live their best lives.

Cyn is trained and certified as a Life Coach, Dream Builder Coach, Life Mastery Consultant, Grief Recovery Specialist, and Grief Intuitive Coach. She has shared the stage with Wellness Expert Mariel Hemingway and world-renowned transformational leader Mary Morrissey. She's been a featured guest speaker on KDPI talk radio and True Life Academy internet radio, and is an award-winning speaker.

Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to a number of successful ventures, including working as a Hollywood television producer and member of the Directors Guild of America, owning a high-tech recruiting firm focusing on Silicon Valley, and selling real estate in the world-renowned ski resort town, Sun Valley, Idaho.

Her varied experience gives her a wide perspective on the challenges people face personally and professionally.

Cyn’s Core Values

These Core Values speak to how Cyn coaches, how she does business, and how she treats her clients.
I Believe in People. I know that each one of us is far more powerful, and contains more potential, than any circumstance, situation, or condition.

I Believe in Love & Care. I bring sincere love and care to every interaction. I delight and surprise my clients by anticipating wants and seeking to exceed expectations.

I Believe in Integrity. I live what I teach. I deliver what I promise.

I Believe in Fun. I create joy, laughter, and fun in all aspects of our work.

I Believe in Growth. I grow by achieving my goals and exceeding my best, and so do my clients.
Empowering you to live a life you love!

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