Sunday, October 8, 2017

A​ ​smorgasbord​ ​of​ ​classic​ ​literary​ ​characters​ ​take​ ​on 21st-century​ ​technology​ ​in​ ​Stefan​ ​Soto’s​ ​new​ ​satire. Tune in 10/9 at 9:45am pst as host Janeane Bernstein chats with Stefan Soto live on KUCI 88.9fm!

"OMG Don Quixote & Candide Seek Truth, Justice and, El Dorado in the Digital Age LOL." This book is a humorous reimagining of classic literary characters Don Quixote and Candide in the modern world. As they set off on a new adventure, you'll be swept into a world of literary lore, tongue-in-cheek humor, and unforgettable appearances by characters from Sherlock Holmes to Mr. Darcy.

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Stefan talks about:

Reimagining classic characters
Incorporating humor into writing
The writing process
Writing multiple genres

Fans of classic literature rejoice! Don Quixote, Candide, and a huge cast of literary favorites are back in a grand new adventure set in the modern world. A perfect read for anyone who wished their favorite characters had more books, and for those who love literary
reimaginings, Soto’s novel stays true to the characters’ original spirit while infusing a wit and humor all his own.

From space shuttles to cell phones, Don Quixote and Candide battle their way through a hilarious collection of misadventures on an enticing twisting narrative in “OMG Don Quixote & Candide
Seek Truth, Justice and, El Dorado in the Digital Age LOL” (Argus Press, September 2017).


After years of living off their celebrity, Don Quixote and Candide join forces to seek adventure in the modern world. In this re-imagining of literary history the two meet Cyrano De Bergerac, Merlin, Sherlock Holmes, the crew of the Starship Enterprise, Tom
Sawyer, Huck Finn, Dean Moriarty, Elizabeth Darcy (nee Bennett) Mr. Darcy and multitude of historical figures, and share unexpected encounters with people from their past. While Don Quixote remains rooted in days of yore, Candide is preoccupied with exploiting all things modern. This rollicking fun-filled tale will entertain the well-educated and erudite reader with tongue-in-cheek humor. You are cordially invited to join Don and Candide on their quest to find truth, justice and El Dorado in the digital age.
STEFAN​ ​SOTO​ was raised by a Romani Princess and a Ukrainian circus performer. He resides on an English canal and has no known address. His early works were banned by most right-thinking European powers. The author invites readers to investigate Cervantes and Voltaire's original treatments of the title characters.

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