Sunday, September 8, 2019

9/9/19 @9:30am pst - Pen Pearson, author of Bloomsbury's Late Rose, joined Janeane live on KUCI 88.9fm

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A poet in Edwardian London. A woman struggling to let her voice be heard.

In 1894, sisters Charlotte and Anne Mew take a solemn vow never to marry, and never to pass on the family curse: insanity. The spinster Mew sisters descend into genteel poverty, their mother on an invalid's sofa, Anne, the painter, in a menial job.

But Charlotte, the poet, will find immortality, and unexpected love.

Her path will require that she keep secrets and make sacrifices that may be too much even for Charlotte's determined spirit.

In Bloomsbury's Late Rose, Pen Pearson, herself an accomplished poet, has imagined a vivid and affecting story of a woman's life in Edwardian London that will engage and move every reader.

Pen is the author of Poetry as Liturgy and Bloomsbury's Late Rose, a forthcoming novel from Chickadee Prince Books about the harrowing life of British poet Charlotte Mew. The photo of Pen was taken in the public garden just a stone's throw from the house where Charlotte lived in genteel poverty with her sister Anne, an artist. Their residence has since made way for Bloomsbury Theatre, but Charlotte's unmistakable presence still haunts the garden and neighboring streets. Follow Pen if you'd like to be notified when Bloomsbury's Late Rose is released on Amazon.

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