Friday, March 13, 2015

Sasha Boudreaux was back on the show to talk about her incredibly moving documentary "Walking Tall."

If you missed Sasha on today's show, listen to our conversation here.

Sasha Boudreaux talks about her film Walking Tall

Walking Tall is an important work for me as it serves as a message to those out there facing insurmountable odds, that with hard work, grit and determination, you can overcome. Mark Connolly was my physical therapy patient back in 2012. He was bedridden with very little movement in his arms when we met. We started working hard everyday with every little bit of hope we had. When his toe movement began to happen we knew he would be able to walk again, but it would take a painful journey with an intense amount of will, perseverance, and a community of support. The documentary, Walking Tall, follows this step by step, struggle by struggle journey of courage and passion that will motivate and give rise to a new breed of humanity that learn the words I can. Mark’s journey has served as an inspiration to those who know him in the Santa Barbara community and we would like to spread that inspiration and share his story with a broader audience. I humbly ask for your support us in making this a possibility.

I know how inundated we all are with requests for money, and that you may or may not be able to provide substantial resources at this moment in time. Just know that any amount makes a difference and, if you are not able to give, helping to spread the word can be equally powerful. I’ve chosen to work with because I wanted to partner with a non-profit organization whose mission is dedicated to supporting the work of artists. This service is free for the artist, provides fully tax-deductible contributions, and one-on-one support to me throughout the fundraising campaign. It is FOR art. I hope knowing that the small percentage fee that you pay for administration of the campaign is going towards a non-profit committed to cultural advocacy (and not a large corporation with a fancy website platform) will make you feel good about your donation! I’ve also provided some heartfelt perks (swag bags, hoodies and more!) for your donations to let you know that your support makes you PART of the making of this work! Once again, you can join or learn more about the campaign here:

Dear Friends, Colleagues and beyond!

It is with great excitement that I announce the launch of my Hatchfund fundraising campaign in support of my current documentary project, Walking Tall, which follows the journey of a man who broke his neck in late 2012 and has since learned to not only walk again, but golf and rock climb.

We are trying to raise an ambitious $20,000 in 40 short days for final filming and post production. The campaign closes March 26, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated! This is our “bare bones” budget to finish the documentary. If the $50,000 stretch goal is accomplished we will be able to re-create some scenes, add additional interviews, and graphics. In addition we will have more time with our editors and composers, leading to a much more polished product.

Please take a moment to view the brief video I put together about my project. You can view it at:

Thank you for your consideration!


Sasha Boudreaux

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