Sunday, March 22, 2015

Think you're in a funk?! Nancy Appleton joined me Monday @ 9:30am pst to talk about our love affair with sugar, our addiction, and the impact sugar has on our bodies and long-term health

Miss Nancy on today's show? Listen to our conversation here!

Nancy Appleton has been studying and researching nutrition and health for many decades, earning her B.S. from UCLA and her PhD from Walden University. Driven my her own addiction to sugar, she has written several books on the subject, including Lick the Sugar Habit, Suicide by Sugar, Stopping Inflammation and Killer Colas. Retired from individual consultations, Dr. Appleton is hard at work writing her latest book: Your Fate is On Your Plate. She lives in San Diego.

G.N. Jacobs for Nancy Appleton

Coming up 4/17 at 9:30am - CEO Glenn Gray and Dr. Alissa Deming, VP of Conservation Medicine & Science, sat down with me to talk about the Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Today’s show is a little different. If you think you hear strange noises during the show, well they are not actually strange at all. They ar...