Friday, October 26, 2018

10/29/18 - 9:30am pst - Janeane spoke with author, producer and writer Kac Young

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About Kac Young
Kac has been a producer, writer and director in the Hollywood television industry for over 25 years. Kac has also earned a Ph.D. in Natural Health and a Doctorate in Naturopathy. She completed 36 courses in nutrition from Baylor University. Clients come to her for advice on health, nutrition and spiritual well being. Using her third Doctorate degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, she helps people manage weight control, smoking cessation, behavior modification, stress reduction, past-life regression, and phobia management.

She is the author of 16 books:“The Healing Art of Essential Oils,” “The (Supposedly) Enlightened Person’s Guide to Raising a Dog,” “Heart Easy – The Food Lover’s Guide to Heart Healthy Eating,” “Chart Your Course,” “Discover Your Spiritual Genius,” “Feng Shui the Easy Way,” “The Art of Healing with Crystals,” “The One Minute Cat Manager,” “Dancing with the Moon,” “21 Days to the Love of Your Life,” “Gold Mind,” “Cheese Dome Power,” The Path to Fabulous,” “The Quick Guide to Bach Flower Remedies” and “Supreme Healing.”

Her entertainment credits include General Hospital, The Showtime Comedy Club Network, Politically Incorrect, Circus Of The Stars, The People’s Choice Awards, The Golden Globe Awards, The Genesis Awards, and several dozen talk, dramatic, variety and entertainment specials with Hollywood’s biggest stars. Most recently she was Vice President of Television Production and Development for Universal Studios Hollywood, and has also served on the boards of The Director’s Guild of America and Women in Film. She won an Iris Award for her work as producer of “Mama” and a Golden Acorn Award for “Cleaning Up Your Act.”

Kac Young is also a licensed Religious Science Minister, a Certified Archetypal Therapist and Counselor; a Certified Meditation Teacher; a Career Coach for aspiring actors and directors; a Medical Qigong Teacher and a former pilot of private airplanes.

She is active on behalf of animal rights and fostering and preserving women’s rights, globally
“With Kac Young’s breadth of knowledge on the powerful use of crystals you will reap the benefits of greater balance between mind, body and spirit." – Jacklyn Zeman

”Kac Young has shared her remarkable metaphysical insights in a variety of books published over the last ten years but by far her latest book The ART Healing with Crystals is a long time coming. I had the pleasure of working with Kac when she returned from her first trip to Egypt and she spoke with eloquence, knowledge and passion about her crystal experience in the Giza pyramids. It was clear to anyone who knew Kac then that a new journey was beginning. Now thirty years later we are lucky she is sharing her well researched and insightful crystal knowledge for all of us to learn and use to better our lives. What a gift! “ - Tracy Abbott, writer, David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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