Friday, February 16, 2018

2/19/18 at 9:00am pst - Musician/Singer/Songwriter, Brie Howard Darling, of the band Fanny joined Janeane on KUCI 88.9fm

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2/19/18 BRIE DARLING of the band Fanny joins Janeane on KUCI 88.9fm


Musician / Singer:

Vocals, Drums, Percussion

Recorded, toured with and music videos with Carole King, Nikki Sixx, Jimmy Buffet, Robert Palmer, Roger Daltry, Ringo Starr, Peter Frampton... ELO, Melissa Manchester, Robbie Nevil, Jack Wagner, Kieth Moon. Kiki Dee. Bruce Willis. Duran Duran. Sam Moore (Sam & Dave,) American Girls, Screamin Sirens, Spencer Davis, Boxing Gandhis


Songs recorded by The Pointer Sisters, Ellen Foley and Randy Crawford & Peter Criss (Kiss) Michael Jackson

Boxing Gandhis, American Girls

‘Nightline’ with Glen Ballard/Davey Faragher- recorded for Thriller by Michael Jackson. (In the vaults, waiting to be released)

A founding member of “Boxing Gandhis” Triple A radio hit, & opened for 2 Dave Matthews tours.

Recently, the t.v. show “True Blood” episode titled after “If you Love Me (Why am I Dying?)”

Film Roles (lead):

“Android” with Klaus Kinski, Norbert Weisser, / Lead Maggie

“The Running Kind” with Juliette Lewis, Susan Strasberg, David Packer – / Lead Thunder

“Somebody To Love” Harvey Keitel, Rosie Perez

Tape Heads: John Cusak, Tim Robbins

TV: Winner of ‘Cake Wars’ 2016. 

2018 -Currently shooting Pilot for series based around my Rock N Roll background making elaborate cakes for celebrity clients


Los Angeles Shakespeare Festival (at Ford Theatre) with Cleavon Little, Susan Tyrell, Mare Winningham

Supporting lead in “Butterfly” (directed by Jack Hofsis) at ‘The Goodspeed Opera House’ in Hartford

Original, Carrie & mother: Janiva Magness’ autobiographical story in form of musical

Film trailer w/ Klaus Kinski: Android Video Site.webloc

Live Duet w/ Carole King: Way Over Yonder

Music video w Robbie Nevil: C’est La Vie

Michael Jackson recording: Nightline Michael Jackson Nite Li#8083E3F

Original BANDs:

Kee Notes –‘60s Svelts – 60’s Fanny – 70’s Fat Jack – 70’s Neola – 80’s 

American Girls - 80’s Boxing Gandhis – 90’s /2000’s Fanny Walked The Earth ‘16

We are: Fanny Walked The Earth 

Jean (Millington) Adamian - bass and vocals 

June Millington - guitar and vocals 

Brie Darling - drums and vocals. 

Fanny Walked The Earth is the most recent incarnation of Fanny, an amalgam of several early all girl bands in the mid to late 1960’s: The Svelts, the California Girls and the Freudian Slips from northern California, and later, the Women, from Iowa.

The new, 13 song, self titled record is a combination of songs written by us, both individually and together. The songs and the recording speaks of our pioneering musical history covering uncharted territory, the bond of being part of the small rambling female tribe, starting a long climb up a tall ladder. Of girls turning into women, living life, playing music, surviving, persisting and women coming together in support of each other, paying it forward …and continuing the climb.

On board with us on our new record, are members of other girl groups from 1964 to current times. We are honored to be joined by ‘all girl band’ members of Goldie and The Gingerbreads, The Pleasure Seekers, Birtha, The Runaways, The Go Gos, The Bangles, Fanny, American Girls…and then some. These women musician/singers, spanning 50 years, some very familiar, some hardly recognized, are all part of our history as we are part of theirs.

The record Fanny Walked The Earth is set for release on Blue Elan records in early 2018.


In Sacramento, At 16 and 17 years old, Jean and June met Brie, 16, (from the small neighboring town of Folsom) in search of a replacement drummer for their all girl band, the Svelts. It didn’t seem likely that they would find another girl drummer. There weren’t many girl musicians or girl bands in 1966. 

All 3 girls were of the same heritage with Filipina mothers and European fathers. At the time, none of them realized how special this teaming up would be.

Led by June, the band(s) broke up, and reformed a few times. Playing gigs until she was 6 months pregnant, Brie left the band in 1968, giving birth to her daughter at 18. The band, then a foursome, with Alice DeBuhr on drums, made their way to Los Angeles in 1969 working their way to signing as the first all girl band to record a full LP on a major label. For a short time in Los Angeles, baby in tow, Brie rejoined the band as lead singer. Management decided to pursue a female fab 4 image, Brie left the band. All remained friends and housemates.


Nicky Barclay joined on keyboards & vocals, and the band was renamed Fanny. From 1969 to 1974, after making 4 albums and touring the world, June and Alice left the band. 

Brie rejoined Jean and Nicky with Patti Quatro on guitar & vocals, to record the last Fanny Album in 1974. After touring the U.S. to support the record, Brie left the band.

Late 70’s -80’s

June, Jean and Brie, with keyboardist/singer from the Svelts days, Wendy Haas united to form Fanny All Stars. This incarnation, and one more in the 1980’s was short lived and did not record.


In a year 2000 interview with Rolling Stone, Fanny fan David Bowie said:

One of the most important bands in America rock has been buried without a trace. And that is Fanny.

They were one of the finest…rock bands of their time, in about 1973. They were extraordinary: They wrote everything, they played like motherfuckers, they were just colossal and wonderful. They’re as important as anybody else who’s ever been, ever; it just wasn’t their time. Revivify Fanny. And I will feel that my work is done. — David Bowie


After going their separate ways, Brie continued a career as a working musician/singer, a songwriter and recording artist, signing record deals with the original bands, American Girls (IRS early 1980’s) and Boxing Gandhis (Mesa Blue Moon & Atlantic Records mid 1990’s). She toured, recorded with and appeared in videos during a 40 year span with: Carole King, Jimmy Buffet, Rodger Daltrey, Ringo Starr, Robert Palmer, Nikki Sixx, ELO, Robbie Nevil, and many more. In 1993, she and Producer & Boxing Gandhis bandmate, Dave Darling married. As a songwriter, Brie has written songs covered by The Pointer Sisters, Peter Criss (Kiss), Randy Crawford and Michael Jackson (unreleased).


In 1978 Jean married guitarist Earl Slick, who she met thru her friend David Bowie. She continued to record and perform with June, mostly focusing on raising Slick’s and her 2 children. Jean sang background vocals on David Bowie’s record “Fame”. She was ‘the glue’ having never left the group(s) and remained part of every incarnation of the band. The song “Butter Boy”, a top 40 hit in 1974 was written and sung by Jean.


June continued to record as a solo artist and with her sister Jean, producing albums over the next few years. Deeply committed to the growing women’s movement, she also toured with and produced albums for women recording artists. With her partner, Ann Hackler, June co-founded the Institute for Musical Arts in 1987, a non profit school, guiding girls and young women as the future generations of women musicians. 2015 saw the publication of her autobiography Land of a Thousand Bridges. She is currently writing the sequel to her book.


Jean, June and Brie continued their separate lives and careers, staying in touch, but not playing together again for over 30 years.

Fast forward to 2016: June reached out to Brie, asking if she would like to join her and Jean to perform a short Fanny set as part of a Tribute that was being paid to her for her achievements and contributions as a pioneering female musician, teacher & author.

This joining was a reawakening of how good it felt and sounded to play together… it was automatic.

Brie posted a short (18 second) video clip of the ‘live’ tribute performance of Hey Bulldog on Facebook. The clip was seen by Kirk Pashich, president of Blue Elan Records. Brie’s husband Dave Darling, who had produced several artists for Blue Elan Records, presented the concept of making a new record to Kirk. 

Signing the record deal, with the moniker of Fanny Walked The Earth, Jean, Brie and June reunited over the course of one year to write and record 13 original songs.

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