Monday, February 19, 2018

Brooke Fenn called in to our KUCI studios to talk about what she is doing to #BLAZEITFORWARD!

LISTEN to Brooke Fenn share what she is doing to #BlazeItForward

Brooke Fenn is a 36 year old Single Mom of 2, and lover of Jesus. She was an Interior Designer for 15 years, and spent the last 7 doing it at a corporate level. This past October, when her Father and Business Partner discovered AR Workshop in Arizona, he immediately knew this was what she should be doing. God moved Mountains and even though she just discovered the Company in October with the help of her amazing Family and Friends she opened AR Workshop San Juan Capistrano on December 7th.

AR Workshop on a national level wanted to celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day. With all the tragedy going on and specifically in our little bubble of South Orange County, we wanted to make it a week, not just a day. Our community needs a little joy, and Blazes Family have set an amazing example of how to react to tragedy, it inspired us. So February 15th we began our Random Act of Kindness week. Each day encouraging our community to go out and be kind, and spread the love. We strongly felt the recent Deaths of Blaze, Kyle Escobar, Patrick Turner, and Emma Pangelinan were huge places kindness and joy needed to be sprinkled. We wanted to Honor these lives by encouraging others to do kind acts in their Honor. We wanted to celebrate those doing it with a free evening in our Workshop. Friday we lured Saralyn Wolf by making her think she was picking up a sign for Blaze's Family (which she was), but we also wanted to acknowledge her service to the Bernstein Family by Moderating Blaze's Remembrance Page, by gifting her an evening in our Workshop. We hope to be made aware of other good doings being done for the Escobar, Turner & Pangelians Families so we can gift them as well.

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