Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Independent Casting Director Valerie McCaffrey joined host Janeane Bernstein June 5, 2017!


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As an independent casting director coming from the studio level, Valerie uses her knowledge and her eye for talent to the producing capacity as well. She recently produced a film called LOST AND FOUND IN ARMENIA with Jamie Kennedy and Angela Sarafyan and she also
completed an award winning cancer documentary “Tumor, It’s in the System” in which she co-directed and co-produced. She also produced an award-winning film directed entitled NEO NED, starring Jeremy Renner and Gabrielle Union. Along with producing, Valerie also cast the critically acclaimed HARD CANDY(she put Ellen Page in her first American film),

THE DUKES, WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW!?, and HERO WANTED with Ray Liotta and Cuba Gooding Jr. She also has worked with Academy Award director Guisseppe Tornatore on the film “Legend of 1900” starring Tim Roth. From April 1994-2000, Valerie held the position of Vice President of Feature Film Casting for New Line/Fine Line Films. During her tenure at New Line/Fine Line, Ms. McCaffrey cast scores of films, developing strong relationships with all major talent agencies and management firms. Among
the many highlights of her career, she cast Edward Norton and Eddie Furlong in New Line Cinema’s AMERICAN HISTORY X. Mr. Norton received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his gripping portrayal and Mr. Furlong’s performance was heralded as the best of his career. From 1985-94 as a casting executive at Universal Studios she cast James

Cromwell in BABE, earning him an Oscar Nomination. She cast such films as HARD TARGET (John Woo’s first American Film) DARK MAN (Sam Raimi’s first studio film) among scores of others. She has scores of films in development, “Tad,” “Men of Granite” and the “Rene Caisse Story.” While at Universal Studios, she taught drama to inner city kids for
three and a half years for the LAPD Gang Prevention Program. She served on the Board of Directors for the Casting Society of America and is a member of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. She is also on the Board of Directors for the World Children’s Transplant Fund, which provides life-saving organs to children.

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