Sunday, May 14, 2017

Author and meditation teacher, Rifka Kreiter, joined host Janeane Bernstein Monday May 15 at 9:15am to about her triumphant story - a search for liberation on every level, Home Free.

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Rifka Kreiter was on the front lines of the 1960s most significant moments and movements, from Civil Rights marches Mississippi with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to antiwar demonstrations in San Diego to est seminars in Manhattan. Now she's captured it all--the protests, the drugs, the journeys into meditation and more--in her new memoir, Home Free: Adventures of a Child of the Sixties
(May 16, 2017).

A captivating memoir full of her quirky personality, candid humor, and relatable recollections, her upbringing (primarily by her mother and the revolving door of "step" men in her life), relationships, and eventual inner peace speak to many women's' interests. Lots of fun Jewish cultural references as well!

An astrologer once told RIFKA KREITER that a certain planetary conjunction in her chart signifies “an unusual life, full of unexpected happenings,” and this has certainly proved true. She studied acting at New York’s High School of Performing Arts, philosophy at City College of New York, and clinical psychology at Adelphi University. She worked as a waitress, hat-check girl, and hearing researcher. She was Continuity Director at a New York radio station and Assistant Convention Manager at the Concord Resort Hotel. More recently, she tutored SAT Prep courses and was Assistant Director of Admissions at a rural community college. Since 1976, she has been following an ancient yogic path; she lived in a meditation ashram for ten years, and traveled to India three times. Rifka currently teaches meditation. At age fifty-five she met her life partner, an Upper West Side psychotherapist. They live happily together in suburban New Jersey. Learn more at FREE

After surviving a fraught childhood in New York and L.A., Rifka Kreiter revels in studying acting at the High School of Performing Arts and dancing the Twist at the Peppermint Lounge. Her road leads through broken love affairs and virtually all the great movements of the sixties, including civil rights marches in Mississippi, antiwar demonstrations in San Diego, and est seminars in Manhattan. On a deeper level, this is a profound quest to heal her psychic wounds and find spiritual meaning that she intuits lies beneath all the tumult of those times.

Here is an exploration of life’s deepest questions, as Rifka strives to bust free, be it with drugs, therapy or meditation. A triumphant story about a search for liberation on every level, Home Free ends with a jaw-dropping discovery—one as unexpected as it is transformational.

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