Sunday, July 16, 2017

Columnist and Fitness Instructor, Jane Schmidt, joined Janeane 7/17 to talk about her laugh-out-loud book, "Not a Perfect Fit."


Not a Perfect Fit: Laugh-out-loud funny one minute and thought-provoking the next, Not a Perfect Fit includes stories detailing everything from Jane Schmidt’s experience living off-grid as the only English woman in an Amish neighborhood to family trips that are remarkably similar to National Lampoon’s Vacation. Through it all, Schmidt manages to rise above the many challenges she faces, inspiring and entertaining her audience along the way. Filled with animal antics, gratitude, mishaps, and madcap adventures, Not a Perfect Fit’ s tell-all, single-girl-gone country, down-home stories give readers permission to laugh and cry—and, most important, to carry on.

JANE A. SCHMIDT is a columnist and the owner of two businesses, Fitness Choices and Turtle Adventures. When not teaching her fitness classes or encouraging women to get outside, she spends her time backpacking in places like the Grand Canyon, Superior Hiking Trail, and Isle Royale National Park; biking across Wisconsin; hiking and kayaking in the Kickapoo Valley Reserve; or just hanging out with her animal family in rural Viola, Wisconsin.
"Jane exudes an innocence in her presentation of life that made me want to meet her and see the world through her eyes. She had me laughing and commiserating, shocked and envious, all at once. Definitely a fun read, and I would recommend this book to all, without any hesitation."
―Readers' Favorite, 5 stars

“Jane Schmidt documents the essential day-to-day of rural Wisconsin life with a deft balance of sentiment, reportage, and humor. City mouse, country mouse, newcomer or old-timer, you will find yourself nodding, grinning, and sometimes dabbing at your eyes as you read these stories."
―Michael Perry, best-selling author of Truck: A Love Story and The Jesus Cow

"In daring to share herself fully with the reader through these funny and heart-felt stories of country life, Jane Schmidt helps us laugh out loud into that sometimes heart-breaking gap between our dreams and realities, and between what we hope is true about ourselves and what actually is. Whether you live out in the country or in the big city, Not a Perfect Fit is a gift of laughter, vulnerability, and wisdom."
―Jennifer Morales, award-winning author of Meet Me Halfway

“Jane Schmidt is funny, candid, and has the keen eye of an outsider looking in―then turning the mirror back on herself. Reading the final pages felt like the last miles of a road trip with someone whose company you really enjoyed that has ended far too soon."
―Julie Buckles, author of Paddling to Winter

“With humor, grace, and tenderness, Jane Schmidt gives her readers an entertaining peek into the layered life of a single mother, animal hoarder, and kick-ass fitness instructor―living a rustic life but still searching for the perfect wand of mascara and a respectable pair of jeans.”
―Sheila Sherwin, writer and editor of

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