Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Author Melody Warnick joined host Janeane Bernstein to talk about her book, "This is Where You Belong."

“I’m a sucker for lists, articles and books about ‘Best Places to Live’ and given how popular they are, I suspect you are, too. Now, journalist Melody Warnick (who’s moved six times in her adult life) has written a terrific book that could help you find yours—or help you make your current community a better place to live.”


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If you’re like most Americans, you’ve moved a few times. Maybe out of state for college, or to the city for a job, or to the next town over for a cheaper house. Considering that the average American moves 11.7 times in his or her life, maybe all of the above. Whatever drew you to your current place, you know that some places feel more like home than others. Why? What makes you want to put down roots? How do you make the place you’re living the place you want to stay? No matter how long you’ve lived there, THIS IS WHERE YOU BELONG: Finding Home Wherever You Are, now available in paperback, will make you want to celebrate, support, and engage with your city, making you happier where you are right now.

Journalist Melody Warnick shares her own restless journey (5 states in 13 years!) and her efforts to find out what makes us feel connected to our towns and cities, and why it matters. She dives into the body of research around place attachment—the deep sense of connection that residents sometimes feel with their towns—and looks at the spreading movement of placemaking, a term for how citizens are making their communities more livable.

In travels to towns across America, Warnick talk to both Movers and Stayers about what attracted them to their town, made them fall in love with it, and then made them stay. At home, she applies what she’s learned with a series of “Love Where You Live experiments” designed to make her feel more at home in her new town of Blacksburg, Virginia.

The facts, statistics, and stories Warnick shares in THIS IS WHERE YOU BELONG are not only fascinating (and often surprising), but they’re designed to help anyone, anywhere, connect with the place they live.

Warnick distills extensive research into easy-to-grasp principles that readers anywhere can use to increase engagement with, and learn to love, their own communities. Whether you’re looking for ways to learn to love your new home or looking for ways to get more involved in a community you already love THIS IS WHERE YOU BELONG can help readers realize that wherever they live… is actually home.


Twitter: @melodywarnick

A freelance journalist for more than a decade, Melody Warnick has written for a variety of publications, including O: The Oprah Magazine, Redbook, Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies’ Home Journal, Woman’s Day, Parents, American Profile, and The Atlantic’s CityLab.

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