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New York Times Bestselling author, Michelle Gable on her latest book so aptly titled, The Book of Summer -- Monday 7/24 9:30am pst with Janeane Bernstein

New York Times Bestselling author, Michelle Gable, joined Janeane Monday 7/24 to talk about on her latest book so aptly titled, The Book of Summer.


Inspired by a Vanity Fair piece on the coastlines from Malibu to Nantucket eroding into the sea, Michelle dug deep to research the history and grandeur of the summer homes and the incredible stories that are within their guestbooks and their walls—stories that need to be told before they disappear.

Fans of her previous bestseller A Paris Apartment, know Michelle can weave an incredible story blending fact and fiction, past and present, for the perfect escape. Michelle is a great guest and we'd love to schedule an interview soon—it really is a perfect book for summer!

Praise for Michelle Gable’s THE BOOK OF SUMMER…

“It’s Gable’s ability to weave a family’s tale through the musings of summer visitors, war, relationship drama and a smattering of sexual tension that makes it a must for any summer reading list.”

—Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Calling all old-home lovers: Gable’s novel takes you into the lives of the Codman family through the lens of their once-prized, now-deteriorating Nantucket compound, Cliff House.”

—Coastal Living, 50 Best Books for the Beach

“This time of year is meant for books to devour. Vacations, the beach, lazy afternoons all call for a good book that allows you to escape. Michelle Gable knows how to deliver.”

—Newport News Daily Press

“Gable cleverly illuminates the past, revealing how it mirrors the present. This is a splendid multigenerational novel about the strength of the women of Cliff House.”

—Publishers Weekly

“In her book, Gable develops fully rounded characters that readers feel as if they could reach out and touch. We want to know more about them and Gable gives us plenty.”

—Richmond Times-Dispatch

The Book of Summer


In THE BOOK OF SUMMER, New York Times Bestselling author, Michelle Gable uses the faded pages of a guest book to transport readers back in time and introduce them to the inhabitants of Cliff House, a century-old summer home. There’s Ruby Packard, a bright-eyed newlywed on the eve of World War II, her granddaughter, Bess Codman, who returns to Cliff House after years away, and Bess’s mother, a notorious town troublemaker. Due to erosion, the once grand, Nantucket-set compound will soon fall into the sea. But before it does, Bess must pack up the house and deal with her mother, who refuses to leave. In the process, Bess uncovers the tantalizing secrets housed within its aging walls.

Fans who’ve come to know Gable, who’s been called “a bright new talent in the world of women’s fiction,” for her “highly literate mysteries,”** enticing settings, and “skillful transitioning between story lines” will once again be rewarded. The title says it all: THE BOOK OF SUMMER is THE book of summer!

In her bestselling debut, A Paris Apartment, Michelle Gable fictionalized the true story of a French courtesan and the discovery of her sealed-for-seventy-years Parisian apartment, which was filled to the rafters with stunning pieces of artwork and furniture. While researching A Paris Apartment, Gable learned of the larger-than-life socialite Gladys Deacon, Duchess of Marlborough, and immediately knew she’d make her the star of what would become I’ll See You in Paris. Gable’s affection for escapist settings, blending fact and fiction, and weaving past and present story lines emerges again in her third novel, THE BOOK OF SUMMER (St. Martin’s Press).

About Michelle Gable…

New York Times bestselling author of A Paris Apartment and I’ll See You in Paris, Michelle Gable graduated from The College of William & Mary. After a twenty-year career in finance, she now writes full time. Michelle lives in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California, with her husband, two daughters, a lazy cat, and one feisty bunny.

More Praise for Michelle Gable…

“This is the sort of fun, escapist read perfect for book clubs. There are characters to love, characters to hate, enticing settings and a requisite amount of plot twists. Gable is a bright new talent in the world of women’s fiction, and I’m looking forward to seeing where she takes us on her next creative journey.”

—Fort Worth Star-Telegram on I’ll See You in Paris*

“Gable’s novel provides a wonderful, highly literate mystery with the historical and engagingly eccentric figure of Gladys Deacon at its core. The plot involves stories within stories, an almost ‘Wuthering Heights’ narrative complexity. I’ll See You in Paris abounds with strength of character and ‘characters’ too.”

—The Roanoke Times**

“Gable’s Paris of today and yesteryear are worlds that are easy and pleasurable to get lost in.”

—San Diego Union-Tribune on A Paris Apartment

“With its well-developed, memorable characters and the author’s skillful transitioning between story lines…this stunning and fascinating debut will capture the interest of a wide audience...

Highly recommended.”

—Library Journal, in a starred review of A Paris Apartment*

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