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3/18/19 9:30am pst - Experienced and respected writer E.A. Aymar is releasing a new thriller, The Unrepentant

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E.A. Aymar’s most recent thriller, The Unrepentant, was published in March of 2019 by Down and Out Books. His other thrillers include the novel-in-stories The Night of the Flood (in which he served as co-editor and contributor), as well as I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead and You’re As Good As Dead.

Aymar’s column, “Decisions and Revisions,” appears monthly in the Washington Independent Review of Books, and he is also the Managing Editor of The Thrill Begins, ITW’s online resource for aspiring and debut thriller writers. In addition to ITW, he is a member of the Mystery Writers of America and SinC.

Aymar also runs the Noir at the Bar series for Washington, D.C., and has hosted and spoken at a variety of crime fiction, writing, and publishing events nationwide. He was born in Panama and now lives and writes in the D.C./MD/VA triangle.

E.A. Aymar is represented by Michelle Richter with Fuse Literary.

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Experienced and respected writer E.A. Aymar is releasing a new thriller, The Unrepentant (March 4 from Down and Out Books), that examines the dark corners of the human mind. It’s one of those books that is almost stressful because you feel like part of the gripping story!

E.A. Aymar talks about his extensive research into the crime and sex trafficking aspects of book or the theme of violence that runs through the book, how a shooting at his son’s daycare influenced it.

When eighteen-year old Charlotte Reyes escapes a predatory group of men, she teams up with a former soldier to take them down. Aymar put in extensive research into sex trafficking when writing this book, and drew on personal experiences of violence.

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