Sunday, March 31, 2019

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The New York Times recently released an article on the “College Admissions Scandal,” exposing the parents of high school graduates who paid as much as $1.2 million to ensure their children’s acceptance to prestigious universities-- in most cases, kids were underqualified for their placements and unaware of their parents’ behavior.

Peter Noble Darrow provides commentary on how these parents’ are negatively affecting their children’s psyche as a result. A Millennial trust fund baby who spent his way too rapidly through his tony Upper East Side NY inheritance, this former 1%er is focusing on what really makes life valuable now...and sharing his lessons learned with readers in “Wise Millennial” (April 30, 2019). I've sent you a copy of his book already.

“I can understand and sympathize with the social pressures that society puts on higher education and parents' human desire to want to protect their children, but this is a microcosm of a larger gross confusion between ‘parental protection’ and emotional manipulation. This type of behavior robs children of their identity and any sense of self worth. I would even bet that this kind of behavior, even if successfully executed, would ultimately have an adverse psychological effect in the long run.” Darrow shares.

In “Wise Millennial” Peter Noble Darrow asks Millennials to think deeply about their parents’ expectations for their lives and find their own paths, instead.

Darrow shares his thoughts on “identity” in the college admission scandal.

In this insightful and personal debut, Peter shares much of his life story, blending anecdotes with the lessons they engender. Peter had a childhood that many would be envious of—he was born into privilege (both parents powerful business executives with tony backgrounds), attended the finest schools, and lived in luxury in the prestigious Upper East Side in New York City. Yet, in addition to the wealth of opportunity bestowed upon him, he has faced many challenges from his parent’s divorce to his father’s cancer diagnosis and eventual passing. In “Wise Millennial,” Peter shares that after “thousands of hours of therapy, introspection, and meditation, I finally began taking control of my life and creating my own opinions, most of which have evolved far beyond my family’s worldview.”

This collection of honest stories of setbacks and successes will inspire the motivated millennial reader.

In an interview, Peter will discuss:

How mindfulness can help Millennials and how Peter’s own meditation practice has impacted his life

Dating apps—the good, the bad and the ugly (and where the best dates can be found!)

How to launch a startup frugally (top lessons learned and mistakes to avoid)

The complexities of dating while also being a young entrepreneur dedicated to a growing business venture

What to do when you fail (and what to do with those feelings of failure!)

How to utilize your network and be a leader

Whether it is possible to keep “everyone” happy

How to choose a business partner

How to use screen time without mental health risks

How Millennials all over the U.S. can relate to this advice, in spite of Peter’s privilege


Peter N. Darrow is a Millennial, a native New Yorker, an entrepreneur, and an expert at learning from his mistakes. After earning an MBA in entrepreneurship from Babson College in 2014, Peter founded Darrow’s Farm Fresh restaurant in Union Square in NYC. He is the current founder of Veggie Dust, first ever vegetable seasoning for kids. A health and wellness entrepreneur with a passion for helping people, Peter has already seen much in the way of success and failure, and speaks to the challenges facing his generation, and dispels myths about what it’s like to supposedly “have it all.” Find out more about Peter at

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